Thursday, October 15, 2015

Letting Go of What Was ...

My dream added to a DreamCatcher at my beloved Squam

This is totally not an easy thing to do ... letting go!
Think about it, we get so comfortable with the way things are;
over and over, day by day, year by year.
Change is a very hard thing to embrace,
or at least it is for me!

I feel that 2015 has definitely been a year of change for me,
and I am trying to handle and live gracefully with each change.
I have had severe neck issues this year,
so I have had to stop my yoga practice (for now)
and that was very hard for me!
I have to question a little, who I am,
without my yoga practice?
I find that I am a little less in shape,
more anxious, and not as centered!
Letting go of what was...

I've been writing Poetry for years,
the dream to publish recurs over and over again,
I think reality is settling in,
my poems are for me,
they are private, personal and for me.
I think the dream of publishing is fading,
Letting go of what was...

2015 also brought a third grandchild into our family,
little Dylan is such a blessing,
but we have all had adjustments to make,
especially his big sister Annabelle Lily!
I now have three precious grand babies ...
all 2 years and younger!
Free time? Not anymore,
letting go of what was...

I learned that I can no longer weave on my 8 Harness
weaving loom, because looking down is impossible!!!
I took up Tapestry Weaving again,
and am happy when I am throwing one small pic of thread at a time!
So I sold my precious loom to a wonderful friend,
and "she" now has a new weaving home.
I wove myself one last chenille scarf,
treasuring each row thrown with my shuttle
Letting go of what was...

How I loved throwing the shuttle

I was able to purchase an upright Dryad Tapestry Loom
for myself 
(The story is a total God thing)
and it was delivered by freight last weekend.
I am truly letting go of what was and embracing new!
It's gonna take us some time to get used to each other
So here she is:

Her name is "Gracie"

Change isn't always easy ...
Even in my day to day workplace,
so many leaving, new faces coming 
 Letting go of what was...

Friends come into your life,
some stay for a long time,
some stay for just a blink of an eye.
I am grateful for what I have learned,
the giggles I have shared,
the experiences we walked through,
 Letting go of what was...

My hubby and I recently got a puppy ...
she's nine weeks old
little Josie Grace
my free time isn't what it used to be
but oh it is so worth the sacrifice!
Letting go of what was...

How about you?
What is it you need to let go of today?
What changes are coming your way?
Embrace them,
you never know what beautiful growth
can come out of it all!

Wishing you a week of grace, love and awareness!

Donna Lee