Saturday, September 4, 2010

My Creative Space

Do you have a creative space?  I recently was given this wonderful canvas picture for my birthday.  I immediately knew that it would hang somewhere special is my art studio.  I took a look at all the beautiful things in my studio and realized how blessed I am to have a room to call my own! 

As I look through my studio space I see my weaving loom, my yarns, special gifts, paintings, trinkets, treasures, pictures of friends and experiences, beads, my watercolor palette, paintbrushes and so much more.  I realize that this is a room all of my own, no one but me!  That is a pretty awesome feeling.  As we raise our children and go through life doing all the things we must do, we try to fit in our creative time when and if we can.  Our "creative tools" are stuck in boxes, drawers, closets, on our dining room tables, the utility room, anywhere we can stuff our stuff! Does this sound at all familiar to you?  Rooms in the house were for raising our precious children; bedrooms, toy rooms etc.  I will cherish those years forever and I am reminded of how quickly that time in my life passed by,  but now my children are both raised and married with homes of their own. 

All my stuff!
View from my loom
Some of my art book collection
I took over my son's bedroom, probably the day he moved out!  He never seems to forget to remind me of that.  I couldn't wait to get the walls painted and move into my studio. I will always cherish the day when my daddy and I painted the walls together and we were singing Frank Sinatra tunes all day. I began to envision how I wanted it laid out, where all of my art supplies would go and how it would feel to me when it was completed!  I was not disappointed, how awesome it is to have all of my supplies in one special place.  I still get tickled about having a studio and it has been years now. 

Another view!
Entering my studio
As I enter my studio there is always a sense of calm, peace and familiarity.  I know that my creative senses begin to emerge and I am totally lost in the moment.  Those moments can turn into hours very quickly.  I enjoy just spending time glancing through my books for inspiration and ideas.  I listen to my music, light my candles and incense and time gets quickly away from me.

I realize now that having a creative space all of my own has enhanced my artwork immensely.  When I had to pull out my art supplies to create something, the effort was more than the time I had to create.  Now that I have my studio, everything is there for me.  My watercolors are ready, the loom is sitting there for me, the books are waiting for me to reach for them.  Most important of all, are the objects hung on the walls, the yarns full of color and texture,  the gifts I have been given by friends, all of the little things I have collected over the past years.  These are the things where my inspiration lies.  I cannot begin to tell you what seeing my special things do for me.  

I am blessed, yes I know it and in so many ways.  I could go on and on in sharing with you the blessings in my life, but this post is about creative space.  I have read many blogs, and magazines about where women are doing their work, I am truly not alone in this quest for privacy and creativity.   I highly recommend the magazine "Where Women Create" published by Stampington  & Company's Somerset Studio.  This was created by a brilliant lady Jo Packham, there is also a website  I encourage you to check it out, it is filled with inspiration and beautiful photos and stories of women who are doing far greater things than I!

Letting the creative light in!
A space for everything creative!
I wanted to share with you my little spot of creative heaven.  If you cannot have a room of your own right now, how about a corner of your own.  There are many ways to turn a small room, closet or corner of your home into a working space.  I used my utility room for years when my guys were little.  There was my loom and yarns right along next to my washer and dryer.  It can be done if you want it badly enough.

I hope you have been inspired by my creative space and that you find a special place to call your very own.  I would love to hear from you and share with me your thoughts and ideas.  Find delight in every day and in all that you see.