Friday, January 4, 2013

My Word for the Year . . . SIMPLIFY

Yes I plan to!

I was driving to work one day and stayed behind
this old white Ford pick up truck. 
I couldn't make out the words until I got up close
and there it was


I believe it was meant for me to see on that busy morning,
when I was just trying to get to work on time.
I got up close and took a picture
(and yes I quickly posted it on Instagram!)

I have pondered on my word for 2013
and this word just kept coming back
to my mind
it just seemed right!

Life gets so busy,
we certainly
over commit
over eat
over do
over think
over process
run around crazy
get tired and frustrated
just to do it all over again!

For me I plan to


to take my new year
more slowly,
being more mindful,
 walking at a slower pace
breathing in the beauty around me
taking in my art & writing
enjoying the process,
 the simplicity
of my everyday life.
How about you?

Hope you like the changes I have made
in my blog
I am so glad to have you here!
I have decided to post on Fridays
and have a Poetry post
somewhere in between
(shake it up a bit!)
Let me know what you think!