Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Celebrating Life

Breakfast in the Cabin

This past weekend I celebrated my 40th Anniversary!
January 15, 1977 I married my surfer boy
and we have been together ever since!
Yes there are always bumps along the way,
but ours have been pretty easy bumps!

We traveled to the Blue Ridge Mountains,
I wanted to stay in a cabin near the mountains,
and my hubby made all the plans.
We stayed at Steele's Tavern Manor
and it was everything we wanted and more!
Our cabin was situated on a beautiful pond,
with cows in the background,
beautiful blue herons
and a peaceful path to walk.

 Our beautiful home for three days

 It's just about the simple things that thrill me!

 Our cottage by the Pond

 Josie enjoyed our Anniversary trip too!

 Hearing the sounds of MOO in the mornings across the pond

We traveled into the town of Lexington,
with its quaint shops and rich history!
We ate delicious food
and visited nearby attractions for the day!
What a charming town!
You know I had to hit every gallery
and art shop there was!

 The buildings were so charming!

We entered the Blue Ridge Parkway,
but it was such a cloudy day we couldn't see anything,
it was a bit disappointing but we made the best of it!
We even decided to turn around,
(mountains, fog and me aren't a good combination)
It was a bit scary to say the least!

 Here we go!

There was so much inspiration around us,
we made the best of a rainy misty day!
I was totally intrigued by this stone wall,
it will become a tapestry for sure!

 Tapestry and Color Inspiration

 Geese by the waterfall

 Jimmy and Josie (my two J & J's)

I carried my Hokett Loom with me for
some tapestry weaving,
and the surroundings outside were so peaceful
and relaxing, I enjoyed having my loom with me
early mornings.
Tapestry weaving is such a quiet art,
I fall more in love with it each and every day!

Weaving by the pond

I believe we must celebrate life in every way 
that we can.
Celebrate the monumental steps in your journey,
celebrate even the small daily wins!
Make the most of the time you are given,
each and every day.
There is so much goodness out there,
if only you will see!

I am truly grateful that I have a
passionate heart.
I have been through some tough stuff during
this lifetime,
but each time I came out on the other side,
stronger, wiser and willing to lead others,
from my own experiences.
Life is all about what you make of it.

Early morning coffee and quiet

So make the best of where you are in your life
at this very moment, 
enjoy the simplicities
that this life can also give to you
and please . . .
don't waste a minute of it. 

I challenge you to celebrate your life,
with all it's complexities
and joys that come with it.
We can learn so much about ourselves
when we get away,
slow down and listen.
I think that is going to be my theme for this new year.

I had a beautiful getaway
and now we are back home and digging into routine once more.
It was truly awesome to get away,
alone and together!

May your week be full of good stuff!
Donna Lee