Thursday, October 26, 2017

I wish you ...

Fall is truly here
and all of the colors of nature
are in their finest display.
I hope you are enjoying this time of year,
cause I sure am!
Fall is always a time of year
where I slow myself down a bit,
sip that cup of hot tea a little longer,
read some good books,
breathe in fresh air,
rock in my rocking chairs in the evening,
pay attention to the sounds of nature around me.
I love this time of year so much.

I look around at all the nature around me,
and it astounds me to see Nature's palette
of colors.
Here in Virginia Beach,
the leaves are just beginning to turn colors,
and fall to the ground.
I try, but I can't paint, color, or come close
to the beauty I see right now!

So I have gathered a few of my favorite
photos I've taken lately,
and give them to you as a gift,
as a reminder to slow down,
don't miss the beauty of the season!

Just remember you are Worthy of great things!
You are important each and everyday!
Happiness is yours for the taking!
You are special!

So today, this 26th of October 2017

I wish you:

Love for yourself and others
Rest for your soul
all good things to come
your way!

I also wish my sister n law Lori
a wonderful happy birthday,
for this is her special day!

Love always,
Donna Lee (and Josie girl)


  1. Good Morning Donna, what a lovely post . . . I love all the color and that cake, oh my! If I lived closer I would be saying, put the kettle on sister, I'm on my way, LOL.

    1. Connie your words are always encouraging towards me, thank you for stopping by! I sure wish you were closer, it would be a joy to sit and put the kettle on! What fun we would have talking about all the good things this life has to offer! Be well my friend!

  2. Lovely as always, Donna, and peace and beauty abound!

    1. Thanks Kim! Always love hearing from you my dear sweet friend! Blessings to you as well!


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