Saturday, November 20, 2010


Some of my favorite things

This has been a month of gratitude.  It all started with a challenge from Amy Furstenau Maher; a beautiful photographer (inside and out) that I got to meet and share a class with at Squam.  She challenged us during the month of November to share in our status updates something we were grateful for on our Facebook pages.  So each day me and several of my artistic friends have been listing something we were  all grateful for!  It has been wonderful and I look forward to the posts each day.  I feel like we have all gotten to know each other more by what we have shared with each other.

It is so important to take the time and think deeply and know what you are thankful for.  I must say each day thinking of something specifically has added an even deeper sense of gratitude for me.  The Thanksgiving season is a wonderful time of year;  certainly it is when family gathers and we are all together sharing our favorite meal  and special time with each other.  It invokes peace, well being and togetherness among family and friends. I have always loved this season more than the hustle and bustle of Christmas.   Perhaps it is because it is a holiday that encourages reflection and gratitude.

This life of ours is rich in so many ways.  I speak for myself and probably some of you here . . .  we do get so caught up in the business of our lives, that we do forget to mindfully think of the blessings that have been given to us.  We tend to see right in front of us and complain about what is not good, or what we have not been given or what we don't have. It is what I think they call human nature.  I am thankful to Amy for starting our month long challenge, something we should all have been doing anyway!

I am grateful for:  my precious family, my husband of thirty three years, health, friendships, my home and my comforts, my faith which goes beyond measure, girlie friendships, good times, delicious food, quiet time, good reads, my talents, being an Optician, journal writing, candlelight, the ocean, my herbs that grow, baking, memories of my mommy and daddy, vacations, yoga, God's word, knowing myself and liking me, art supplies, great music to dance by, birds in my backyard, flowers, nature, watching my boys surf, having two beautiful daughter n laws, two hands that can knit and weave and paint, learning and creating a blog, a mind that is focused and clear . . . I could go on and on.

I am grateful for new friendships this year . . . through my blog and from Squam I have discovered an incredible artistic community.   I am richer for having met so many wonderful new people and I thank you for sharing your thoughts and talents so freely.  This life is a great ride . . . don't miss out on it!

I hope that you have a place to put out some of your favorite things.   When I go to my studio they are a constant source of joy for me.  I am reminded of where and when and who gave me those things!    It just is a small happy place for me and another source of gratitude.  This wonderful time of year please  think about all you have been given, not what you haven't been given.  Look around you and see all the wonderful blessings.  I wish you love and happiness this week my friends.


  1. Love this post Donna. You seem to have a very blessed life. I'm so happy for you!

  2. I do something like this. At night I write a journal entry before I go to bed about something that made my day wonderful. Even on the worst days, I can find something small that made the day redeemable - a perfect chai latte, a call from a friend, a song. It really helps with perspective.


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