Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Yoga in my Life

Breathe . . . Intention . . . Rest . . . Focus . . . Peace of Mind

"Sitting with Intention"
My favorite sculpture

I have practiced yoga off and on for years, but seriously developed my yoga practice in 2006.  It has truly changed my life and my perspective on how I see things.  It all happened when I stepped into a beautiful yoga studio called  Hot House Yoga in Virginia Beach, VA and I have been practicing yoga there ever since!  I immediately felt a sense of peace and tranquility when I stepped onto my mat that day.  What a gift I gave to myself,  I didn't even realize the path my life was about to take back then.

I am currently working on the 40 day yoga challenge.  It is a challenge for myself to practice four days out of seven for forty days, easy I thought!  I was going pretty consistently anyway, so this would be a breeze!  It has turned into so much more. I am feeling motivated, stronger and am seeing the results of a disciplined yoga life.  I truly thought I was already committed to my yoga, this has renewed my strength and certainly my love for my yoga practice.

Strength . . . Stability . . . Calm . . . Quiet of Mind . . . Challenge

Yoga calms me, centers me, works with my body, heart and mind.  I am loving every minute of my practice and carry it into every part of my life. When my parents were so very ill, it was stepping onto my mat that gave me a time of quiet for myself.  A time to not think about illness, a time for regeneration of my thoughts and my body.  I was able to leave the cares of what I was living through and know that during that time, I could leave my cares at the door.  Hot House Yoga was a retreat for me, a safe place where I found peace.  I know when I came there, it had a feeling of home and comfort to me.  I am lucky to feel a part of the Yax yoga family!  They rock on so many levels!!!

My yoga practice has taught me to live with intention, to live carefully and to be sensitive to those around me.  It has gotten me through a rough day at work and has certainly taught me to be mindful of all things in my life, including what food enters my body!  My artwork has grown into something deeper.  I practice mindfulness when I am painting and I am expressing myself more freely through my art.  I know and believe that I have grown in strength and wellness.  When I am asked "what is it in your life that is important to you?",  I have to answer my precious family, caring for my home, my faith in God, friendships, being an artist and certainly my yoga practice.  I believe all are interwoven together to create the fabric of my life.  Yoga has shown me the way to living in balance and that is not always easy!  I know this to be true.

I encourage you . . . if you have never gone to a yoga class, please try.  It doesn't have to be hot yoga, just try it.  It is a gift of health and life that you give to yourself.  I promise you won't be disappointed.  There are so many types of yoga,  just experiment and see where you are most comfortable.  Practicing yoga in my life has been fun and certainly challenging;  but I am growing everyday and getting stronger with each and every yoga pose!  You will wonder how you ever lived without it.  If you try it for the first time, please let me know.  Just envision me tapping on your shoulder saying you are welcome here my friend!

Embrace . . . Growth . . . Mindfulness . . . Discipline . . . Practice



  1. I have been so blessed by practicing yoga as well. I was introduced back to it back in 2007 and it was at the right time! I have experienced such deep connection with God and with myself there. So lovely to here about how connected you feel there as well.

  2. Great post Donna! I have never tried yoga but have done Qigong and that helps me alot. I just need to be more disciplined to do it! I have always wanted to try yoga though. If I ever do I will be sure to let you know! :)

  3. I tried yoga and it isn't for me, but I understand you feelings. You have my admiration! Blessings.

  4. "Strength . . . Stability . . . Calm . . . Quiet of Mind . . . Challenge"
    I want more of these in my life. Especially calm and quiet of mind. The way you talk about about your relationship with yoga makes me want to running out to a class right now! I am going to see about taking a class at my local Y. I got there several times a week already. I think the quiet and the centering practice of yoga could really help me, especially right now.

    Thank you for sharing about this, sweet Donna Lee. Thank you for your bright light in my life. I am inspired by your glow.


  5. oh how you have spoken directly to my heart. I just love yoga and do not do it often enough. Your words have me yearning to try hot yoga. It sounds amazing. I love how when you step on the mat you are able to center yourself and go back to your core. That is so important. Loving you. xo

  6. Yeah Donna!
    In taking care of my body, here is what I have discovered:-- stretching exercises every morning, walking when weather permits and deep tissue massage after speaking/teaching/travel. All help to ensure flexibility and mobility...to strengthen my core. They bring recovery. I have a yoga stretching session once a month with a young woman whom I love and pray for-- so it is a personal connection, friendship and health. When I finish with this session, it is as if I have had a body traction experience-- invigorating, and yet calming. I grow taller too :0) I have been with her about 7 years. She is always amazed at my agility for my age( 60 plus). :0)
    God cares about the body, the mind and the spirit. They are all connected and so are we.
    The mind is stretched by what we read.
    Choose well.
    Feed your faith.
    Prayer stretches the Spirit-- it draws us closer to God and to others. What a privilege!
    Creativity is the sum total of all !!
    Bless you precious daughter in faith.
    I love you,


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