Thursday, April 14, 2011

My latest work . . . living confidently as an artist.

I recently created a collage piece for a frame rep of mine from Lafont Eyewear.  She is also personal friend and I wanted to create a piece for her representing the eyewear line she carried and everything had to have a French influence.  We recently had a trunk show this week in my office and I wanted it to be finished when she came to town.  A trunk show is really having her come to town to premiere the latest in eyewear styles direct from France.  We had French Cafe music playing, french foods and goodies, a large crowd and we were playing with French eyewear all day!  Trust me, bright colors and incredible shapes are the latest in eyewear this spring!! I had placed my artwork in between my frame boards as part of the display and then presented it to Melodie from me.  I love creating artwork that way!  

When I start with a blank canvas, I stop and pause first.  This is something Juliette Crane also reinforces in her painting course I am currently taking.  I like to pause and think about where the piece is going, who I am creating the piece for and what is the message of the piece that I am wanting to convey.  I do take this a step further and take a long and meditative breath before beginning.  I have learned in my yoga practice to set my heart and mind clearly on what is ahead of me.

My daughter-n-law Heather came over this weekend with her incredible camera and macro lens and she offered to photograph some of my collage pieces for me.  She has an eye for perspective and made my work look so beautiful.  So I am sharing her work with you!  She has just launched her very own Etsy shop this week and I am excited for her.  If you get the chance check out Four Corner Decor.

I am proud of this piece and I remember Melodie's only requests were that she loved bright colors, but absolutely NO BLUE!  I collected pieces that I wanted to use in the piece that represented France, Vision and Eyewear.  I think I accomplished that.  I bought a book totally written in French when I was at Rizzoli's in New York (ahh . . . I want to go back), so I cut out the little hearts from the French pages.  I painted the background using the technique that Juliette taught me in my Paint and owl course.  For the finishing touch I added beads to the top of the canvas to add some extra pizzaz!  I had learned this from Shona Coles book, The Artistic Mother.

With each piece I am gaining more confidence in my artwork.  When my rep was so happy with the piece and was showing it to others, I found myself almost shy about it all.  Why is it I don't feel confident in my work as an artist yet?  Why don't I quite see what others are obviously seeing when they look at my work?  Why is it I feel my work isn't quite good enough?  Do any of you find yourself with those feelings? Do you find yourself asking these questions?  Am I being too hard on myself?  When do you really feel as if your work is good enough?  Do we ever feel like we have arrived with our artistic visions?  My inquiring heart wants to know.  I am not sure why I keep struggling with this part of my life!!

I can just say that my rep Melodie is going home with a Donna Wynn original and she is very happy with the piece that was created just for her.  I like the sounds of that Original Artwork by Donna Wynn.   

That has to be my new mindset . . . thinking of myself truly as an artist.  I need to know that with confidence.   I know that my mantra is to live creatively every day and I do strive to do achieve that; even with having a full time career.  It gives me an extra sense of purpose and satisfaction.  I have been thinking of opening an Etsy shop with some of my work for quite some time. I have so many artistic girlfriends who are successfully running their own Etsy shops . . . maybe just maybe it is time to seriously consider it!

Wishing you love and peace and all good things this week!
Donna Lee


  1. It's beautiful! I love your work Donna Lee, and I LOVE your confidence! You inspire me.

    Happy almost-weekend, my friend. Much love to you.

  2. What a beautiful piece Donna!! The colors you chose are amazing together! I can see how much she loves it! Its great to see your artwork! :)

  3. miss donna wynn....can i just say - i am so proud of you!
    i love the colors and i am so happy to see you creating.
    i am really finding the whole "taking time and sending our
    work off with loving kind energy" amazing.

    i am sure she loves it.



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