Wednesday, June 29, 2011

52 Photos Project / Week Ten / The Blue Hour

This week our photo prompt was taking a picture during "The Blue Hour".  That magical time when light takes on a blue hue from dusk to dawn.   The time right before the sun comes up or right after the sun goes down.  They sky changes into amazing shades of blue.  This one was hard for me and being a new photography baby, I was trying to find just the right setting with my camera.  My daughter n law Heather was helping me as well.  I had the opportunity to stay in Corolla with Heather and her mom this weekend, so it seemed like the perfect time to find a photo.  I tried the pool, flowers, landscape, my camera was giving me a fit.  Then I concentrated on their little shed on the property and there was my photo!
Seeing blue in Corolla, OBX

Of course with all of Bella's prompts, I try to apply the prompt to my life and really think about how I can write something about the prompt and see how it applies to my life.  Thinking of
blue makes me think of moods and how I feel at times.
(I know I am taking it way deeper, but that is how I do things!)

When I think of the color blue I think of the calm waters, beautiful skies, retreat,
nourishment, peace, the color of my eyes and painting with my watercolors.
When I think of what makes me blue I think of:
 my weight
other people's attitudes
draining work days
never enough time
not being able to figure it all out

When I am blue it usually means that things are getting harder for me to walk through.  This photo was a hard one for me and I put these thoughts together.  I have such a long way to go with my photography and being able to understand settings, etc; but I sure do have the willingness and the desire to press on!  I love my new camera and it is teaching me a thing or two!  As far as when life is causing me to be blue, I am learning to take it one little step at a time, one moment and one thought at a time and trusting in God's grace and understanding. 


  1. Great photos, and I love how you took the prompt even further with your reflections.

  2. Donna - you captured the magic that is the blue hour in both of these pics. I am so inspired by your desire to learn and push beyond your limits.

  3. Hi Donna! I think we both thought about the state of blueness this week! I too love how you share your desire to push through the struggles - the blues - of trying to capture these images and wow! your effort paid off!

    xo Lis

  4. I think you did a great job, despite your "baby" status and your concern about doing it right. And when looking at your Things that Make Me Feel Blue list, I found myself wondering if you could re-vision some of those things. . . or if you could start focusing on joy instead of what you don't want and don't like.

  5. Accepting where we are at the moment is a big one and it seems that the subject "blue" has given you this gift......The picture so goes right along with your words describing "blue" baby status there.......

    I always savor your insightfulness and realize that you are free to explore not only life but your heart as well......

    Have a wonderful weekend, sweet girl....

  6. hello dear friend :) its been too long since I've visited your blog, and it is stunning and saturated with creative inspiration! loved my visit, loved the little peeks into your heart and soul, love the blue moments you captured. be blessed!

  7. Hi Donna, love your blue list and isn't it funny our weight is ALWAYS looming there for us. Your Rebel is a good one and lyou will have lots of good photographs and fun with it. Thanks also for popping into my little part of cyber world. I hope to get to know you well, we have a lot in common. Hugs and have a great weekend. xox


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