Wednesday, August 3, 2011

52 Photos Project / Week Fifteen / Something old and long forgotten

Something definitely old and forgotten

I knew I loved this shot when I took it
while visiting Manteo, North Carolina in the
Outer Banks last weekend!
Manteo is a small fishing village full of quaint shops, boats tied at the docks,
and older houses;  so I guess I truly could have
photographed the entire little town and it would have
been considered old!

The morning I took this there was a wonderful
farmer's market going on near the waterfront.
I strayed away with my camera from the
beautiful booths full of fresh vegetables and flowers.
I found myself going down side streets trying
to capture something different and
there this bike was . . . standing by itself
waiting to be photographed!
I think it captures our photo prompt perfectly!
Made me think too . . .
I don't want to become old and be forgotten!
None of us do.
I plan to age with grace and style!
Elderly people have so much to offer us
They are full of wisdom, character and so much love to give.
We sometimes are afraid of older people,
we shouldn't be!
Take the time to talk to them, take the time
and don't be rushed to get away.
Take the time to listen to what they have to say,
they are special, so very special.

Did you know that Andy Griffith lives
quietly and privately
in Manteo, North Carolina?
  He also acted in
The Lost Colony when he was very young.
That is where he got his acting career started.
Just thought I would share that bit of wisdom with you today.

Just look around you, there is always something old that can be found,
what a waste it would be to forget the things
that were once so full of life!


  1. 'what a waste it would be to forget the things that were once so full of life'! I love that! I think people sometimes forget that we will be old one day, too (if we're lucky).

  2. I love the blue light and quality of this photo- very ethereal.

  3. Imagine the places that bike might have traveled to and the stories it could tell.

    Great photo!!

  4. I love photos of old bicycles. I took a picture once of a row of bikes in San Francisco. It's been done before but I wanted to make one of my own. So I lined up the shot just right to get the first bike wheel in front and all the other front wheels lined up behind it. It was cool. The wall behind your bike is probably white but it looks blue in the photo. I've seen that same colour of blue in other photographs today.

  5. i have a vintage table cloth that would be perfect to
    put in the wooden basket that i would attach to the
    handles bars for the picnic on the beach.

    love your view.

  6. Does Reynolds Barber Shop happen to still exist? Very much like this post!

  7. I saw so many wonderful bikes on my vacation ... but this one takes the prize! I love how there is a renewed appreciate for the durability and beauty in "old" things - I agree that the same perspective needs to be applied to people.

    We loved Andy Griffith in our family :)

    xo Lis

  8. Perfectly wise, Donna! And no, I didn't know that Andy Griffith lives there.

  9. i had a bike like that growing up. what a great memory and the photo is lovely!

  10. Such a beautiful and heartfelt post.....I love Manteo and you have captured it's essence with this photo.....vintage and lovely....

    Have a great weekend....

  11. loving your photographs. such beauty


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