Wednesday, August 31, 2011

52 Photos Project / Week Nineteen / In the Garden

Captured this photo in Corolla Light

This week the photo prompt was to revisit the garden
before September rolls around!
Last weekend when I traveled I took my new portrait camera lens
and went to Corolla Light.
It is a quaint little town full of shops and of course
the Corolla Light House.
If you have never been there
I encourage you to visit.
The shops are lovely, the historic Whalehead Club is there,
the walking tour is sweet
and there is a lot there for a photographer to see!
Museums, gardens, waterways to the sound, trees,
nature, lighthouse, old church, the Island Bookstore (my favorite),
old schoolhouse (charming)
yummy coffee house and so much more!
I came across a sweet Garden shop full of beautiful things
to accent your home and garden.
Outside they had a beautiful garden, full of
herbs, flowers and adornments!
I captured this photo and was
trying to get the beautiful bumble bee,
I was intrigued by him.
So . . . I had the perfect photo for this week.

Bella is right, it was good to go to the garden, one more time.
September is fast approaching and all the fall activities will begin.
The spirit of summer is slowly fading . . .
quiet walks, relaxing, beautiful beaches, vacations,
restful times.
Fall also comes with a beauty of its own,
I am sure there will be much to photograph!

Bloomed flowers slowly fading away


  1. That sounds so wonderful! I too would enjoy this trip! Gorgeous photos! Enjoy your day! Kathy

  2. Awesome photos ~ sounds like a great place to visit! , thanks, Carol ~ (A Creative Harbor) visiting from 52 Photo Projects ~enjoy the day ^_^

  3. I love your photo for this week. I see those blooms all the time around here. Not sure what they are. I just like them.

  4. Now there's a cause for JOY. It sounds like a perfect browse to me. What new portrait lens did you buy and how did you choose it?

  5. great shots. sounds like you had a nice trip.

  6. Sounds like such a wonderful place - love your photos! Yes, Fall will have LOTS to photograph!! Can't wait in that regard.


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