Thursday, September 8, 2011

52 Photos Project / Week Twenty / A Quiet Place

My favorite quiet place
My absolute favorite place.  The dunes at the Ocean!
I captured this photo a few weeks ago
in Hatteras, North Carolina.

Every time I need a place to gather my thoughts,
be still and quiet,
Pray, paint, reflect, rest and listen to me
I always find myself returning
to the ocean.
It centers me.
It is calming, majestic, beautiful,
glorious and healing.

So the ocean, the quiet dunes,
that is my quiet place!
What is yours??

I love this photo!


  1. just beautiful! my quite place ... hmmm i might share a picture at 52 photos project later tody ; )

  2. bigs sighs ...

    thank you for all your kind words, support, friendship and this lovely space to rest in ...

    xo Lis

  3. I love the ocean too, Donna -- the air is so invigorating and the rhythmic crash of the waves is hypnotic.

  4. Oh yes, the ocean, sigh. Truly beautiful images and matched by equally beautiful words.

  5. Such a beautiful photo Donna. I too love the ocean, it is my favorite place to go find peace. I am dreaming of the ocean in rhode island right now. xo

  6. beautiful shots. we are hoping to get to the beach this week for the first time all summer!

  7. for now, i am in search of a quiet place. you've captured the ocean beautifully here, Donna. Even the turbulent waves have a quietness about them.

  8. I experienced my first time in OBX last summer when my son returned from Iraq...we all met there for a week long of bliss. What a special place to gather with your "Sistas" and I, as you, always go to the waters edge for peace and calming, grounding and comfort


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