Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Week 32 / 52 Photos Project / Twinkling Lights

Studio is decorated!

This week's photo prompt got me to getting my studio ready
for the holiday a little early this year!
After attending Serendipity Art Retreat this fall,
I was inspired to add colored lights to my studio.
In each of the cottages during the retreat,
there were colored lights everywhere!

After reading Bella's prompt, I thought about
driving around and trying to capture some
incredibly decorated house for the holiday,
but then remembered I wanted to
 add some sparkle
to my own creative space,
and so I did!

Twinkling lights, in all colors,
are happiness in a box!
String them where you want them
and you instantly have
something to inspire you,
something to make you happy,
something to boost your creative momentum,
something to giggle by while painting,
something to smile at,
just for me, myself and I!

Have a happy day.
Go buy yourself some twinkling lights
for your own creative space.
I have no intention of taking them down
even after the holiday is over!
So everyday can be a twinkling moment!
Donna Lee


  1. love twinkle lights. i have some up on my mantle for the last year.
    but today i am putting them in the windows.

  2. I have tiny white lights all over my house, and yes, they remain up all year long!

  3. A feast of magic; multicolored lights!

  4. I'm a big fan of the twinkle lights! they look great in your studio

  5. I too have 'tiny white lights' in my studio all year and down the banister (that I put on ~ on cloudy days to add some sparkle to the day) ~thanks, namaste, Carol (A Creative Harbor) Happy 52 ^_^

  6. tiny lights have been a passion fo mine for years, so glad you have found them........i do so miss our time together, am getting ready for a fair in fairplay (southpark) this weekend......have been doing a lot of small weavings, sorta like your pins you used to make, am also doing so small bags......and lots of my jelly fish, which are selling as fast as i can make them, rocky mountain jelly fish, who would of thought.......wishing you a sparkling holiday.......and missing you....mary collier

  7. Beautiful, Donna. I love lights and they are a little bit of happiness in a box. I have them on my bed, year round for that very reason. :) Happy Holidays!!!!

  8. Lovely! It is the same reason i have a banner hanging over my drawing table ...everyday i celebrate the fact i do what i love!
    Yay for Twinkly lights !

  9. Beautiful Donna - and I'm so glad you shared the ones in your studio. xo

  10. Love love love! :) Beautiful, Donna Lee. Just like you!

  11. Twinkle lights every day of the year...YES!


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