Sunday, July 1, 2012

In July . . .

My sunrise morning video

I created this video on my last trip to the Outer Banks,
playing with my I Phone and the video feature.
I am not an expert video girl
I can tell you that right now!
I had so much fun
rising early,
determined not to miss
a single moment of the sun rising
over the horizon 
right before my eyes. 
So I decided to create a video 
of the waves coming ashore
the beauty of that morning,
I will never forget.
It's a little meditation for me.

Why is it we get so busy in our
day to day lives,
that we don't take the time
to enjoy the free gift of nature?
It is right there for the taking!

I was just reading Liz Lamoreux's
blog post this morning entitled
and she asked us to comment
to her prompt.
I left her a comment but 
I also decided to put my comments 
my blog today, 
cause it really got
me to thinking!
(I love that when a subject comes for your blog 
to write about, cause it is hard to always come up 
with something 
that you truly want to write about!)
I love Liz and all that she has to offer,
I encourage you to head over to her blog,
she will inspire you
way past what you expect!

So here goes . . .

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
In July I want to:
 read The Shoemaker's Wife
write more poetry
continue to take my morning walks
enjoy my last month of being "54"
relax more
take long summer naps
practice more yoga
visit the farmers markets once a week
eat all the fresh veggie yumminess
watch old movies on a hot summer day
make my homemade limeade
keep eating my kids yummy gelato
play with my grand~doggies
go to the ocean as much as I can
paint on the beach
relax with my family
take lots of photographs
dream more
love more
find my gentle side again
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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  1. Wow. That video is stunning! I think you're a fabulous video maker :)

    I love you so much, Donna. I want to be more like you. Graceful, joyful, self-aware, kind. You inspire me more and more and I hope as I grow as a mother and woman, I will be more like you.

    I love your list. I hope you are able to do every single one of those things, especially the resting and enjoying family parts :)

    Love you. So thankful to have your sunshine in my life.


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