Monday, September 24, 2012

Artist . . .

Self Portrait on a Sunday Afternoon

I just had a quiet day to myself in the Outer Banks,
as I was shopping I came across this sign in an art store
it read
"Artist at Work"
it was for sale.

I am always playing with my camera
looking for just the right Instagram photo,
and the word Artist
just kept speaking to me
I took out my camera
and focused just on the word Artist.
I also saw my reflection from the glass
staring up at me.

I began to realize and begin to think
YES little girl inside
I truly am an Artist!
I am seeking to live creatively
each and every day.
Art is personal, it is reflective,
it is expressive.
There are no rights and wrongs.

As I saw my own reflection
in the window yesterday
I spoke to myself
"Be proud of yourself Donna Lee"
and the work that you
have accomplished so far.

I have come a long way in my 
artistic life.
I have learned so many things about
myself along the way.
Art truly makes me happy.
Writing expresses the thoughts from within.
Creating gives me peace.
I love painting on the Beach
I do have something to offer others.

I am truly an


  1. Yes. You are an artist. And I have loved watching you grow into thus knowing. Xo

  2. Oh, Donna, this post is so wonderful, that I feel mooshy. You were meant to see that sign, and yes, you are an artist...and an awesome one at that. You make the world a more beautiful place. I love this post. ~ kath


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