Tuesday, January 3, 2012

My word for 2012

My Mindy Macefield Original
Created just for ME!
My donna lee

I have been pondering a lot lately about my word to focus on for 2012
This seems to be an easy thing, but after concentrating hard on it
I found it to be not so easy!
I thought of so many words, and finally decided to 
write them all down.
I had bliss, calm, peaceful, know, creative and ponder!
None of them fit or gave me the peace I was looking for.
Then it came to me . . . just perfectly,
and there was a calmness and excitedness
that came over me


* to give advance thought * to foresee * to look forward to as certain * to await * to expect * to hope *
Is that not the perfect word????

My new year came in quietly and with much anticipation.
I enjoyed a quiet new years eve and spent time thinking about
my past 2011 and how much I had grown; especially as an artist!
My Blog got stronger, I opened my very own little Etsy Shop,
I attended incredible art experiences throughout the year,
I developed my own personal art style.
I deepened precious friendships,
my wonderful married children each bought new homes
 and settled in to their precious lives.
My life was and is full of blessings.
Through it all I found ME!

I set creative and life goals for myself,
I had my own burning ceremony of things
I wanted to forget and let go of.
Yes, it was a wonderful end of 2011.

2012 I anticipate:
a life change, a quieter heart, a stronger body,
a calmer mind, happiness and peace.
I am excited about taking Michelle Ensignmer's online writing course,
through The Wish Studio.
I know it will be awesome!
I have spent so much time taking art classes,
this will be fun just allowing myself to write from the heart.
I met Michelle at Squam by the Sea, 2010
and I can't wait to be with her again.
I look forward to Art and Soul
in March,
Squam by the Sea in October,
and whatever else comes my way!!!

I wish you creative blessings on your new year,
I hope you will take the time and discover a word
that suits your new year perfectly.
Always strive to grow, to learn and to experience.
See you again soon!

Donna Lee

Some creative doodling!
It's going to be a great and artistic year.


  1. Donna i love your word and i anticipate you are going to have a wonder-full 2012! I look forward to seeing you 'flourish' (my word)! Happy New Year! Xokp

  2. Love this post!! Yes, your word really does fit! You are going to rock 2012, I can tell already.

  3. To use Kathy's word...you have been rocking and I agree I think 2012 is going to be a rocking year for you....

    I am so proud to have known you through the last few years and to watch how much you have grown and changed....all in very good ways.....
    Your art has taken off and you have pushed yourself to accomplish so much. I can't wait to see all you are going to do in the coming year and how your word is going to direct your every step.....

    Love you girlfriend.....

  4. I can tell it's going to be an amazing, creative, joyful year for you. Happy new Year!!!! xoxo

  5. You are pure magic my dear Donna. I am so blessed to call you a friend. there is NO ONE LIKE YOU my friend. i love your word....it is so perfect for all the good that is coming your way. i can't wait to see you again in march. LOVE you big time. xoxo

  6. What a beautiful word for your year. I am so EXCITED to see where this affirmation will take you. xoRobin

  7. I love this word! I love that you choose this word! It is so perfect for you and all the magic that is swirling around you.

    I am so incredibly blessed to call you a friend. You are such an amazing women who I deeply admire. Sending lots of love your way and keeping my fingers crossed that I get to see you in person this year. xoxo

  8. Have a great and creative year young lady, hugs to ya. xoxo


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