Friday, January 25, 2013

It's Been a Quiet Week

I honestly don't know where this week went!
I have been practicing slowing down
Simplifying my walk in life
this week has been extremely good.

Staying home working on some
artistic projects
Time in my studio painting journal pages
Not much television
(what a time waster!)
I must admit I did watch the 
season finale of
(OH how I love that show!)

I am becoming more and more
of a home body
love to go from my knitting,
to doing a little laundry, 
to perhaps writing a new poem,
having a cup of tea,
taking a nap,
just being home makes me happy.

I was able to finish those two socks
for my daughter n laws
I wrote about 
and I am just beginning a new
knitted Caplet design
just for me!
There is something wonderful about
beginning a new knitting project!
Casting on those first stitches is fun.
My sister and I went to my local knit shop last weekend
and I got some beautiful new yarn for this pattern.

I found this designer on Etsy
This is what I am starting:

We are expecting a snow storm today
here in Virginia Beach!
So it looks as though I am in for my weekend,
I am not complaining!
Of course Sunday night will be
episode number four of
Downton Abbey!

Find time to be still
Find time to be creative
Find time to listen to really good music
Practice some self care
Most of all find time 
to slow your beautiful self
D O W N!

Donna Lee


  1. Donna, awesome! I am feeling the same way - maybe because I'm home with the flu - but I picked up knitting and I love the gentle but concentrated feeling it gives me. I will text you later, I definitely need a few pointers like what is that beautiful object holding your skein, does it keep it untangled?! LOL. Have a beautiful weekend. xo

  2. stay warm and cozy! i've been loving home these days too, and with the frigid weather we've been having i hardly want to leave my house. coming back to center just feels so good. and pretty yarn bowl - never seen anything like that!


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