Friday, January 18, 2013

Making journals

I recently treated myself to an online course
with Roben-Marie Smith
what a treat this course has been for me!
I have followed Roben-Marie for
quite awhile and I absolutely
love her style of painting!
There is nothing this creative lady can't do!

I have had so much fun creating wonderful journals
using materials I already had in my studio, 
some mixed media paper, stencils, inks, paints,
whatever I could find!
I even learned to use Modeling Paste,
something I had never used before, 
but now am hooked on what fun it creates.

This was a quote I put on the cover of my poetry journal
I created
"She lives her poetry out loud each and every day"
I wanted to make each journal personal.

This was a canvas duck cloth I created
along with the journals
so I could have some creative book tabs!
I had so much fun with all of this.

Here is my Poetry journal and see the little tab there?
Each journal is hand sewn with a signature of various papers inside
I used newsprint, watercolor paper,
bristol paper and sketch paper sheets
for the inside pages!

This was a piece I created during Mindy Lacefield's class
so I decided to make it into a special journal for me
(this one carries a special place in my heart
cause I love my Mindy girl!)

Here I added a scrap piece of newsprint
that I used as a blotter sheet
Roben-Marie had suggested this in her video
(a surprise page inside the journal)
I love the way it turned out!

All I had left was to get out my sewing machine
and do a little free form stitching on the tabs.

What fun this class was for me
and I am not done yet!
I love creating
I love painting
I love learning something new
spreading my creative wings!

Roben-Marie shares all of her knowledge
so freely with you,
I encourage you to take this class
if you are interested in creating these beautiful journals.
Once you sign up you always have
access to the class!

Now each time I begin writing,
it is going to be hard for me to choose
 just which journal I want to write in!

Have a beautiful Friday
and find some time to be creative
during this weekend!


  1. Donna, you are truly amazing! I love the way you have found this path, you are talented, and creative. Holly F

  2. Looks like you are having fun, girl! Your art is always an inspiration....

  3. Your journals are beautiful!!! I appreciate the mention and love seeing how you have put your touch on these!! :)


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