Friday, March 22, 2013

I Am One Who . . .

I Am One Who . . .

gets up early morning just to write
loves Chai Soy Lattes
always has a book in her hand
loves knitting socks
sings alto in her choir
practices hot yoga and loves it
is in love with Poetry
is an art journal junkie
loves her family with all her heart
escapes to the Outer Banks
enjoys her little blog
tries to learn something new everyday
finds time to be creative
has worked in the eye field for forty years
believes in a mighty God
loves candlelight and incense
loves senior adults
is a major Downton Abbey fan
loves time with her girlfriends
is in love with her life

This was a writing prompt I gave to my senior adult writing group,
I decided to share my writing from last night with you!

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  1. i love your zest. your real and how you so freely share it with each of us.


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