Monday, April 15, 2013

Needed Time Away

My Morning View

I have just returned from a long weekend away
to the Outer Banks with my sister.
Somehow I always find myself
retreating there when I need time
for reflection, rest and quiet time.

I packed so much to bring with me
(I always say I am going to bring less the next time!!)
We were going to have a creative weekend together
Knitting, writing journal, Zentangle and watercolors . . . 
yet I hardly accomplished anything!

I realized that was exactly what I needed
time to slow my body rhythm down
catch up on rest, reconnect with friends,
absorb the beauty of the ocean
and have much needed time with my sis.

Happy lights at night

Our lives are spinning so fast these days
and taking the time to get away
to rest and restore
is hardly ever on the our list . . .
but I believe it really should be!

For me there is nothing more magical
than the sun rising over the ocean,
feeling the cold sand between my toes,
walking along the seashore,
being alone with my thoughts and prayers!

So I begin another work week today
where stresses are great
and time is again no longer mine.
I am determined to keep this sense of renewal,
knowing it will fade and I will again return to the ocean!

Always finding a self portrait

Take the time to get away
whatever that is for you in your life
don't get caught up in the busyness of life
feeling stressed and overwhelmed
we all need a fresh perspective!

Remember April is National Poetry Month
what a special time to focus on something different,
try your hand at writing a poem,
discover a new poet,
 attend a poetry reading!

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