Thursday, April 4, 2013

Now I become myself ...

poetry journal page
(created my flowers myself!)

"Now I become myself.  It's taken time, many years
and many places."
May Sarton

April is National Poetry Month

Today is the fourth of April
and I am celebrating
Poetry Month.
I am trying to write a new poem
for each day in April
in a painted journal
that I created from
an e-course I recently took with
I feel like it will be quite a treasure
when the month is over!

"She lives her poetry out loud each and every day"

I encourage you,
read a poem or two,
try writing a poem,
attend a poetry reading,
experience the beauty of poetry
this month.
I promise you this ...
It will open your heart
touch your senses!

April 18th will be
"Poem in your Pocket Day"
I am still trying to decide
just which one I will be carrying
with me all day long!
I am sure I will be sharing it
with you!

How exciting it is that a whole month
is devoted nationwide
to the importance of Poetry
in our daily lives.
Come and join us
won't you??????

Poetry for me is a way of life,
expressing how I feel
writing about those things
that matter most to me.
Poetry has changed
my writing life
and I am so very grateful!

Donna Lee


  1. I am sorry that it's been way too long for a visit...but what a treat to come today....You are really challenging yourself and I am so proud of you....I really look forward to reading more of your poetry and I will try to read more myself...maybe even write some...

    You always inspire me with your big smile and adventurous spirit....

  2. I love this idea of writing a poem a month in April. Even though it is the fourth day I think I will begin myself. I do have a very special place to write my oems in ;0)



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