Sunday, July 28, 2013

A Poetic Moment

Choosing Beauty . . .

Beauty is all around us
if only you will see
Look for the tiny moments
in every part of your day

Love is all around us
if only you will reach out
Seek out moments to make a difference
in someone else's life

Gratitude is a thing of beauty
if only your heart will change
practice being grateful
for all you have been given 

Choosing Beauty can become a lifestyle
just a certain way of living
seeking out the times to notice
every little thing around you

Life is truly a gift to all of us
appreciate each moment in your day
Choose a sense of wonder
Choose to see the beauty


  1. good morning gorgeous girl.

    last nite a hosted a "spark the circle" gathering in my
    backyard. this morning i sit here so filled and clear. (of course
    i am going to have to work to keep the shine) and we talked
    a lot about all of this. that moment where we choose the direction
    of the day. the moment.

    good stuff.

    happy sunday.

    1. Oh how I wish I could have been sitting right there with you! Your friendship is part of that beauty I choose in life! Thank you always for your sweet encouragement and artistic example!

  2. Makes me want to breathe just a little deeper, smille a little bigger and open my "eyes" just a little wider....

  3. Becoming a lifestyle...YES. Thank you, thank you...mmm. Looking forward to a beautiful way of a day.

  4. Inspiring words to live by....Makes me just want to sit back and breathe deeply and think of all I have to be grateful for.....

  5. Inspiring me to look for beauty today, thank you Donna!


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