Friday, November 1, 2013

Gratitude ... Day One

Gratitude Day One
The Love of Family

I am starting my 30 day Gratitude Project today

for there is so much in this life
to be grateful for!

I took the time to quietly list thirty things
I was grateful for during this month of November,
I cut them up and put in my favorite pottery bowl,
each day I will pick a gratitude moment out.
I decided I would post each day on my facebook page
my thoughts on gratitude.
I will also share my own personal photography,
(for I am truly grateful every time I have my camera in my hand)
you can find me here each day

I am also participating in Louise Gale's
30 Days of Gratitude
check it out here
She is such a beautiful soul!
I have learned so many things from Louise.
It's not too late to begin.

The love of family
is such a precious gift.
Cherished times with
extended family is awesome,
and always never enough time to be together.

How blessed am I
to have such an incredible
family life,
and recently the birth of my
precious new grand daughter!
For she is another extension of this gift.
For there are truly no words
to describe how I feel.

Love and family is a precious gift
for that I am truly grateful.

Donna Lee


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  1. Beautiful Donna! I love to make nature mandala's too, such a beautiful process. So glad you are joining in and I am grateful for your lovely soul. Thank you for your kind words. Happy Sunday xxxx


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