Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Little Girl in Me

The Little Girl in Me . . .

Still wants to play each day
taking the time to just be

Wants to create magic with paints and crayons
they are just more expensive these days

Is in love with each and every day
cherishing all the happy moments around me

Just wants life to be simple again
pushing away all of life's complications

Loves to play outside with her friends
for girlfriend times are the best

Wants to play dress up and be pretty
finding it harder now to find her own style

Will write with her pencil and pen
now creating stories and poems from her life

Still bites her bottom lip when stressed
for she finds comfort still there

Is seeking new ways to discover life
for she never wants to stop growing inside

Always needs her afternoon naps
 recharging for the next get up and go

Is always seeking out beauty in the world
so happy to discover there is still so much out there

The little girl in me
soon to be a first time grand mommy
to a precious granddaughter
OH the things we will discover together . . .

Donna Lee


  1. Donna, this is the sweetest poem....You really touched deep into my heart with your words.....

    Congratulations on your precious bundle. Your life will never be the same as they bring a joy you can't image until you have experienced it...

    You will be one great Greandma..that child is in for a treat.....

  2. Beautiful. A granddaughter? Oh, Donna!! So, so happy. xo


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