Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Last Tuesday ...

Let's sit awhile and share a cup together

Yes today is my last Tuesday
of being 55 years old.
So I say ... on to another year!

I guess we all get a bit reflective 
when birthday time
rolls around,
I am truly no different than you!

I have just sat and reflected on how
wonderful the past year has been for me.
How I found myself creatively:

My Artistic Soul woke up
My Artwork truly took flight on its own
An Artful Spirit was launched
I now have facilitated two art workshops
Poetry and Writing became
a lifestyle for me
My Poetry was published
I have read my poems out loud to a crowd
I purchased a new awesome camera
Photography became a new passion
I have fallen in love with
the Art of Zentangle
I made a commitment 
to try and live creatively
each and every day
and I have!

So I say on to 56!!
I look forward to what will
be in store for me
for Donna Lee
is still a little girl at heart
loving her life
I step forward into another year 
full of promise
soon approaching grandmotherhood
something totally new to experience!
Life is such an incredible journey
each and every day.

I love the woman I have become,
it's taken many years and experiences
to get to this very spot.
But I am finally here!
So on this last day of being fifty five,
I embrace what lies ahead
bringing with me
life lessons learned.



  1. Happy birthday to an incredible soul. Love you and miss you!

  2. Hugs and a big old happy birthday to you my friend....I love your spirit....You encourage me to be the best me there is and to always make the most of every day.....I am so blessed to have found you on this journey called life...I am very proud of all you have accomplished this past year and I can't wait to hear all that's going to happen in the coming year...Many more good things including being a grandma....

  3. Wishing you a very happy Birthday! You are truly a light in my life. xo

  4. Happy {belated, so sorry} birthday to you, Donna!!, hope you celebrated a year ahead that will be beautiful and full of goodness and love, and the past year which was filled with artistic and soulful growth! Wow! PS. We both will be firsttime grama's soon! When for you? My daughter is due January 8th... Hugs, kath


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