Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Poetic Thoughts on a Wednesday

There was a time . . . 

There was a time I'd never held my grand baby
Smelt her fresh baby scent
Seen her beautiful smile

There was a time I was much thinner
I never worried about what I ate
I could wear anything I wanted to

There was a time I thought Yoga was silly
I had never held a pose
I had never stepped onto a mat

There was a time I was never creative
I didn't hold a paintbrush in my hand
I didn't create a beautiful work of art

There was a time when my parents weren't ill
When I didn't know the horror of Cancer
I didn't walk down the Dementia roadway

There was a time when Poetry meant nothing to me
It was something that was studied in school
It was something that others pursued

Yet here I stand experiencing the New
Growing and Learning at every corner
Preparing for my next

(Poem prompt inspired by Jonathan Fields)
Written 3-6-2014


  1. there was a time when i didn't know your beautiful soul, yet i sit here happy and blessed that you were dropped into my world. xoxo

  2. lovely!! I love how you were inspired by another work, but made this your own. :)


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