Wednesday, March 19, 2014

What I am Feeling ...

It is Mid March and I always get the winter blues around now.
Funny how life is cyclical!
I am tired of the cold and the unusual snow we have had
here in Virginia Beach!
Bronchitis has kicked my butt for weeks.
I want the softness and renewal of springtime.

I guess feeling restless comes along with it.
I know I am embarking on 
new phases in my life
and I am still trying to sort it all out.
I am letting go of things, seeking stillness,
creating like crazy,
writing more and more,
teaching classes
yet still feeling restlessness.

Writing always heals the heart,
my artwork soothes the restlessness.
Perhaps this is what 56 year olds walk through,
a time of transition.

As I step toward spring,
I look forward to freshness of life,
nature renewing itself,
flowers budding,
trees awakening
and the birds singing happily,
Lessons I can learn for myself.

I am heading to New York City next week,
just for a short trip,
but so look forward to connecting with friends,
walking the busy streets,
heading to the museums,
with my precious friend
visiting Dick Blick Art Store,
and I can't wait to sees 

NEW YORK always welcomes me,
and I love the hustle bustle of the city!
Perfect timing and a perfect place to get away!
I am looking at New York with creative eyes,
there is so much inspiration there.
I am sure I will have lots to write about when I return.

Feelings can get in one's way,
confuse the heart, but also open doors
at the same time.
Funny how that works,
 so until my next post . . .

Love with all your heart,
Live life passionately,
Seek out moments to grow just a little more


  1. Look at that, you are wearing fancy glasses in your photo :)

  2. Love love love this post for so many reasons. I love your writing, teaching, creating, and your ability to understand the verge you are on and being open to where it may lead you.

    I am also incredibly excited about getting to see you. xoxox


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