Thursday, January 14, 2016

Participating in Love Notes

Photo Postcard created by Jennifer
I keep in my planner for daily inspiration!

Let me start today by saying just how much I love 
and how I adore her Love Notes Project!
I have been participating since she began,
(I have missed a few rounds)
but I participate as often as I can.
Everytime I jump in,
I gain so much out of the three week experience!

Jennifer created Love Notes
to connect others
from all over the US and countries abroad!
Each time (about four times a year)
participants grow and grow.

We begin by being connected with one writing partner,
we reach out to each other
and the magic begins.
Jennifer gives us a writing prompt to contemplate
during the week,
and then we send a postcard  . . .  a love note in the mail,
responding to the writing prompt.
It is not overwhelming, just post card size!
It lasts for three weeks ... three different writing prompts.
Don't we all love recieiving a bit of love and attention??

The postcard can be purchased or created
(I always choose created by me!)
In the past I have Collaged, Zentangled®, Watercolored,
used Mixed media and more.
I love creating my three in a series,
so my partner has something to keep!

My current set of three postcards for this go round!

Week One mailed out

Here is one of my favorite past cards I created:

Created a Zentangle® postcard my last go round!

I love the experience . . .
of reaching out to someone,
of writing something and sharing my heart thoughts,
of getting my hands into my art for a purpose.
 I love supporting my precious and dear friend Jennifer.
She has taught me that my words matter,
that I am important,
and that connecting with others can be a gift.

The link is on my side bar,
click on it and visit Jennifer's site.
Step out of your comfort zone . . . 
the next time she is offering this project just jump in!
I promise you will love it
you will have three wonderful love notes to keep
and look back at them with fondness.
You will remember the connections you have made
each and every time you participate!
If you are lucky like me . . .
you may actually get to meet your partners
face to face
Now that is a fun experience!!!

Sending love out to you today,
Donna Lee

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