Monday, July 12, 2010

Interwoven Thoughts...

Here is what I am thinking about today:

I love yummy cupcakes                                             
Weaving is my passion
I love to knit socks
Lace knitting is hard, but worth the effort
Time with friends is the best thing ever
Soy Lattes are delicious
Vacations rock
I appreciate God's beauty in nature
Yarn stores are addictive
Good music inspires the soul
Discover's amazing
Creating whatever is what I need to do
Throwing the shuttle is relaxing
I feel calm doing yoga
I love spending time on Ravelry
My facebook friends keep growing
I am learning to spin again
I want to spin yarn for socks
I take a pair of socks to knit wherever I go
I love mixing fibers and textures
My favorite color is teal
I love my family
I want to retire in the Outer Banks
Being a fiber artist is the best thing ever
Watercolor painting is my zen
I love candlelight and hot baths
Watching an old movie with popcorn is great
I love a Sunday afternoon nap
I am grateful for the sounds of a thunderstorm
I love to read on my new Kindle
I love spending time with my hubby
Time in my hot tub is like a mini vacation
Tea time is always a royal treat

Try brainstorming your favorite thoughts, it can be very cleansing for the soul! It's about appreciating all that life has to offer us!


  1. We have so many favorites that are the was relaxing just reading your list...I'll have to try this.....
    Great post....

  2. Love your blog. So good to read what you are up to. Love the picture of you on summer vacation "enjoying Atlantis". Look awesome! Love Peggy M.


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