Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Inspiration from Vacation

How often do we get away from our everyday responsibilities?  Not often enough in my opinion.  We are so hung up on our everyday happenings that we are forgetting to slow down and learn to relax without our computers, phones, emails, blogs etc.  It is as if we have almost forgotten how to be still and quiet.  That scares me a little, because I am included in that statement.

I know in my own life I am busy being a full time Optical Manager.  Everyday of the week, someone else dictates my time and my schedule.  Rarely do I get to sit at my loom or knit on my lace shawl, or even read a good book.  By the time I return home and do my other responsibilities,  I am so tired the thought of being creative is thrown out the window.  Does this sound familiar?
Recently my son got married.  I shared with you that I was able to have some quiet reflection before the wedding.  It was a wonderful experience and I am so proud of my son and his new wife.  The wedding was a happy time for all of us. Our family is complete with two wonderful sons and their precious wives.   Life has given us such a blessing.  Right after that my husband and I were able to cruise on the Norwegian Sky to the Bahamas.  It was awesome and awesome some more!!!!

No television, cell phones,  no computers (well you could for 40 cents a minute!) just me and my hubby.  We had a balcony in our room and I was able to enjoy the mighty ocean and all of God's nature.  Me and my knitting needles while my husband chose to sleep late in the mornings.  It was so invigorating.  I had chosen to learn knitting socks on two circular needles.  That was a different learning experience for me since I have always knitted on double point needles.  How quickly it came with no distractions...hmmm.

We were able to tour the islands, go snorkeling, visit Atlantis aquarium and see the most beautiful fish and swim in beautiful waters.  By divine providence we met a couple when we went snorkeling from the cruise ship,  it was just the four of us on this sailboat.  We hit it off the entire cruise!  She was a fiber artist and I the weaver, obviously we had plenty to share with each other!!!  What a blessing it was to meet them.  God gives us little gifts all the time in our daily lives.  I even took an excursion Yoga on the Beach!  The beaches were heavenly and I was inspired by the colors of everything.  So much so that I can't wait to incorporate the colors of the tropics into my knitting and weaving.   I can visualize now a handwoven scarf full of teal blues and greens!!!

We all need to get away from time to time.  We need to listen to our inner hearts and what it is trying to say to us.  For me the lesson I learned is that I am too busy.  I need to slow down and appreciate what is right in front of me.  I need to take the time to create and not fit it in whenever I can, my work deserves better than that.  When we give quality time to our endeavors it will show in our work, when we do something half heartedly, guess what...it will show in your work!

I am happy to be home and I am returning to my busy schedule.  I have a renewal of mind and spirit and it can make the difference.  I choose to rest, I choose to slow down and I choose to appreciate all that life has given to me.  Each time I return to my studio I am refreshed in spirit.  I am ready to create with joy.  It is a choice we make everyday whether we will be consumed by busyness or not.  I desire to be calm,  quiet and refreshed.  I want everyday to matter somehow.  Let's see how long I can keep that frame of mind.  I am betting it will quite sometime.


  1. It's so true that being creative in today's busy world seems impossible but at the same time it's so important to the soul/spirit...I think I will spend my day off reading, relaxing and maybe even taking a walk on the beach to take it all in :)

  2. Your post was so right on.....learning to be still is very hard in today's world and a challenge to incorporate into our lives....
    Thanks for reminding me...I hope you have day where your spirit is calm......

  3. Well, here it is, 9PM! I'm watching a baseball game with one eye on the screen, writing to you dear friend, and sitting with my knitting on my lap ready to pick up! Guess I'm not getting the message about overdoing Huh? Thanks for the reminders about leaving time for reflection. Oh by the way, I'm first in line for that Teal blue anything you're making!

  4. I so agree, slowing down is what we all need and doing what we enjoy creatively makes us happy. Thanks for the post


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