Wednesday, August 11, 2010


I was creating this week and was enjoying painting this simple little tree.  As I finished it I was able to take a look at it and the title "Serenity" came to me.  Somehow it seemed to fit perfectly.  It is often hard to work on a piece and then give it the perfect title.
In creating art, sometimes we over do things, over think the process and carry a project too far.  Lately I have been concentrating on knowing when a piece is finished and doesn't need anymore!  That is harder than you think!
Serenity comes in many forms.  A quiet morning with no distractions, the beauty of your  own backyard, the birds singing their melodies, the written word, a quiet bath, a beautiful song, candlelight...I could go on and on.  I have been trying to find Serenity in my life lately. 
I yearn for quiet and am trying hard to not get distracted in the business of life.  Retreating to my studio and painting seems to work for me lately.  I love the quietness when my own inner muse speaks to me.  It is always there with me, I just need to take the time to listen and hear.
So I look at the simpleness of my little tree and remind myself to look for Serenity in all things. I know for me I feel more at peace when stillness is involved.  I truly believe my creative soul is beginning to flourish again, and for that I am grateful.  It has been a while since I have come out to play!!  I welcome the opportunity. 
I invite you to look for the Serenity and stillness in your own life and be grateful when you find it.  Life is one amazing adventure and there is so much out there for us to seek.  

Blessings always to you my friends.


  1. Donna, I really needed your words today.....I yearn for those quite moments when all is still and I can close my eyes and hear all the sounds around me...Thanks for reminding me to take time....

    I love your picture....serenity is the perfect name for it.....

    Are you still enjoying your class?

  2. Donna, thank you so much for sharing your blog site with me. I now understand better now why I am so drawn to you. I have always known it was God's love that reflects from you. Now I see we are kindred hearts in our creative sides. I also love words and writing. I love creating with my hands but have never allowed myself the pleasure of it. I am now ready to change that. Will talk to you more about that on Sunday. Looking forward to seeing you then! Blessings!!


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