Every Artist was first an Amateur ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Monday, October 25, 2010

Squam by the Sea . . .

My thoughts on Squam . . .

Getting my hands filled with paints
Beautiful Cottage
Finding my Inner Mermaid
Creative McCabe

    New friendships

                                                                    I was a Beach Diva
                                                                  Delicious Food
                                                          Unblocked and Untangled

Mix it up! 
Sweet Sarah
New Ideas
Incredible Elizabeth!
Yogini Michelle
Finding Creative Self
Bonfire and Hooping
Full Moon Beauty
Caring and Keeping of Creative Souls

An experience I will never forget!
I am grateful for the opportunity
Relaxing and Peaceful
Special Friendships made
Beautiful Outer Banks
Awesome new necklace to wear by Kelly!
Circle of Friends
Quiet Rest
No fear....just create

Awesome Squash Soup and Mushroom Lasagna
Soul searching Jen Lee

Thank you Squam by the Sea for teaching me to let go and play!
I will remember this experience for a long time and I can't wait
to return again someday.
I was gifted this past week in so many ways.  Truly I returned
home changed and in awe of the experience!!!!

Thank you Elizabeth for having the vision and
 then sharing it with the rest of us creative spirits!


  1. so so happy that i got to sit and have drink with you. as always, we just need more time. you vivacious spirit is catching.

    namaste baby.


  2. Oh how wonderful! Our retreats do sound similar. I love groups of lovely creative women! How healing and fantastic. I want to go to Squam some time soon. It is not too far from my home....

  3. I love the gratitude in your post. Oh how wonderful that you had such a special experience. Sounds heavenly to me. I hope one day to go to something like this myself.

  4. What a lovely post. It truly was magical and special and delicious, wasn't it... I also love the gratitude. xx

  5. Donna it looks like you had such a wonderful time at Squam by the sea, being by the ocean is so magical and healing for teh soul and spirit. I've been considering a retreat of some kind by the sea myself being close to nature is such a beautiful blessing.I felt touched by this post.

    P.S. Thanks for the button love, I've also added your link over at my little space:)

  6. Beautiful post and lovely artwork! Love the sunset picture! Glad to hear you had a wonderful time! :)


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