Monday, November 1, 2010

Finshed my Shawl!!!

Okay friends . . . I promised to post when I finished my shawl!
My Ishbel lace shawl is completed!
I finished it at my Squam by the Sea Art Retreat
(I was determined to add sentiment to the piece)
I had never blocked a piece before, so I learned from that experience too!
Now I have this pretty beautiful piece to wear
with my new leather coat for the winter! 
Yea and Yea some more!!!

I just had to sit still and finish the edging,
 which I did on the deck of my Beach Divas cottage at Squam.
Hmmm . . . knitting in the early am . . . watching the sun rise . . . 
drinking my tea  . . . 
in the Outer Banks . . . at Squam by the Sea . . .
those were magical and creative mornings!
Can I say now that  I am ready to go back already????


  1. I love it! It's really pretty. Love the red.

  2. You did a beautiful job with this shawl....and it's georgeous on you.....I think you are going to get alot of wear out of this...Sounds like you had a wonderful time at your retreat.....sometimes It's hard to come home, isn't it?back to the real world....

  3. That's beautiful! I love the color.

  4. Love your shawl! The color really pops. Thanks so much for your sweet visit! Creative Blessings! :)


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