Sunday, January 23, 2011

Creative Overload . . .

Well I have just returned from a weekend in the beautiful Outer Banks . . . the temperatures were in the low twenties, there was lots of freezing wind and parts of the OBX got two inches of snow!  Every time I return to the Outer Banks I feel like I have returned home again.  It is only an hour and a half away from where I live in Virginia Beach and we have vacationed there since my children were little guys.  My husband and I hope that we will be able to retire there one day;  so we always spend our time exploring areas to settle down in.  The ocean is beautiful and the sound side is majestic!  I truly believe it is an artist's paradise.  Perhaps that is why I feel such a strong calling to settle down there.
Sheer Beauty!
I had the opportunity to take a Soul Coaching Collage Workshop by Debbie Bishal this weekend at my precious friend Michelle Madden Smith's yoga studio Outer Banks Yoga.  First of all, whenever I enter her beautiful studio, I am overwhelmed with the feeling of peace and goodness and I have always loved to take yoga classes at her studio.   I knew I was going to be in for a day of soul searching and creative connection.  I was also able to share this experience with my daughter n law's mother Patti Dietrich and I was so glad we were able to share this together!
My "ongoing" collage
Our class first began with a guided meditation, taking deep breaths, the room was quiet, candlelit and soft music was playing.  It was relaxing and felt very inspiring.  We sat on yoga mats with lots of pillows and blankets to make us feel comfortable and safe.  No judgements, no expectations, just ourselves with our inner thoughts.

Four hours later I was able to complete my collage work, which I am sharing with you.  The questions that she asked that stuck out to me were the following . . .  What was my intention?  What is dropping away?  What seeds am I planting?  What is blocking me?
What is being nurtured in me at this time?  What do I need to begin now in my life?  What dreams do I need to imagine?  What does my imagination want me to know?  What do I truly value at this time?  What do I need to affirm or change to be all that I need to be?

There were so many more questions and thoughts we shared with each other.  I enjoyed the total experience.  I am used to working on my painted collages, but this technique totally spoke to my heart.  It was deep, revealing and opened my eyes to where I was leading myself.  When we completed our poster collages . . . Debbie explained the sections and their meanings.  I was amazed at the placement of my photos and words and how they pertained to the guidance that Debbie gave us.  Way awesome!

This has been a week of complete creative overload and I am loving it.  Misty Mawn's Stretching Within class has been teaching us about sketching and painting and of course writing a poem from a prompt.  Mondo Beyondo has been showing me the way to reach my creative dreams.  Creative Thursday's In the Fishbowl is teaching me how to strengthen my online presence!

So I have changed my blog appearance in celebration of Valentines Day and I leave you with my poem written after Misty Mawn's prompt . . .  Note to my 10 year old self  . . . it took me some time to write this one!

Live your life well . . . you are going to love your amazing life
Live your life freely . . . you are going to be a creative one
Live your life compassionately . . . you are going to love little old ladies
Live your life carefully . . . you will make good and wise life decisions
Live your life intentionally . . . you will come to love and need yoga
Live your life artfully . . . you are gonna love to weave and paint
Live your life lovingly . . .  you are going to have two amazing sons
Live your life passionately . . . you are going to love the same man for
a very long time
Live your life faithfully . . . you will love and follow and mighty God
Live your life healthy . . . you will learn to take good care of yourself
Live your life crazy . . . you will say what you feel and never hold back
Live your life on the edge . . .  you will learn to explore and see things with wonder
Live your life by example . . . so many will be watching how you do it
Live your life creatively . . . you are going to be an artist
Live your life playfully . . . you will come to need that through the years
Live your life happy and joyous . . . you will always be
Donna Lee Lee

Wow it has been a week full of inspiration, deep thoughts and time with my inner artist, whatever will be in store for me next week . . . stay tuned I am sure there will be a blog entry coming your way soon!



  1. Sweet Donna Lee, how you inspire me! I love this post and how thoughtful you always are.

    I'm so glad you had a wonderful time this weekend. I'd love to come visit you one day at your home in the Outer Banks :D

  2. Donna,
    Thank you so much for sharing Sacred Space in our amazing workshop this weekend! It was my complete joy to meet you and Pati.
    Looking forward to seing youa gain for future Soul Journies :)

  3. Donna, what an inspiring post...yes the Outer Banks is a wonderful place. In face, we are going to Duck in February......the retreat you went to sounds totally awesome.....I was reading each word of your post with so much excitement and anticipation.......

    I am just so proud of you for all your efforts at growing and becoming the person you want to be.....You encourage me every time I visit you and want to have that same adventuresome spirit regarding my creativity.......
    All I can say is "you go girl"...... Have a wonderful week and oh by the way, I love your new blog look......beautiful.....

  4. Hi Donna! Love your ocean picture. I too love the ocean! It is where I find the most peace. I go up to Rhode Island alot to be near the ocean. I have never been to the Outer Banks . . . have always wanted to though. Hopefully someday.

    So glad you are enjoying all of your classes! This was quite an inspiring post! :)

  5. I enjoyed this post Donna and love the beautiful reds you have going on here for Valentine's Day. Creative overload sounds amazing because your expanding so much - amazing and wonderful , yes? :)

  6. What a lovely poem -- and a great experience!


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