Saturday, January 15, 2011

Affirm This . . .

My box of affirmations

I have begun my Mondo Beyondo e-course this week and already it has been reaching out to my heart!
I am so excited to be taking this course online with Andrea Scher and Jen Lemen.  It is an online class about Dreaming Big and it causes me to reach inside, be still and contemplate my very own personal dreams.  

Dreams for our lives can be a powerful and healthy thing.  I needed to take the time to think about my life, my goals, my inspirations and the things I want to accomplish in this life.
I started the year thinking of my own usual 2011 list of goals, but now since beginning this course I have begun to make a new list . . . my own Mondo Beyondo list

a list of my most outrageous and amazing dreams
a list where I let my mind go wild with possibilities about my future
WOW this is powerful stuff!
I am here to share with you that the two lists are not the same!

I have especially loved the affirmation 
"You can try something new"
I have been anticipating a life change and this just spoke to me today!
I can't wait to see what unfolds during the next few weeks,
I know I am in for an incredible experience.

We were given a gift, we were able to download affirmations and they encouraged us to put them in something special.  Each day we were to return to our container of affirming words and pick one.  So each day I will look forward to picking a new affirmation from my 
"artsy created by me box"
for special words that speak to me and allow me to know
"You can Trust your open heart"
as I learned from my lesson this week
I can return to these words anytime I need them.

I encourage you to visit Mondo Beyondo website and
see what these incredible women are doing to change
the lives and mindset of so many people.
Thank you Andrea and Jen


  1. mondo beyondo is such and incredible class. I am so happy that you are taking it. you are going to love it. soak it all in my dear.

  2. Sounds like a wonderful class; I am going over and check it out....
    And yea for affirmations. My last post was on the subject. I love the idea of pulling one out each day......can't wait to hear more about your class....

  3. That sounds like an amazing class! I just wanted to stop in and say hello to my fellow 'fishie'! Looking forward to a wonderful class in the fish bowl! :)


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