Monday, January 10, 2011

I come from . . .

Entitled . . . I come from

I have just begun my new year taking Misty Mawn's "Stretching Within Workshop".  This is an online five week class, it was a Christmas gift I gave to myself!   I know it is going to cause me to reach deep within and find areas of creativity I didn't know I had!  When I was attending Squam Art Retreat this past fall, Jen Lee had us find some quiet time and listen to the words that came from within.   My word was Reach.  I have carried that word into 2011 and truly believe I will be reaching new heights in my creative awareness and talents in this new year.
Before our class actually began Misty has us do an impromptu poem called I come from . . . Sharing your private words with others can be scary (even in a blog!), but it can also give strength and confidence to the one who has released it.  There are almost 200 participants in this online class of Misty's, so you can imagine, each one who was willing to share their poems online with each other experienced moving and very deep feelings from reading each other's work.  It brought us together before our classes actually began.  I think we all knew we were in for an incredible five weeks together.

So my friends, I chose to share mine with you as my blog entry for this week.  I encourage you to take the same words and see what you come up with!  Let the words fall where they are mine.

I come from . . .
italian grandparents who arrived from italy
a mother from north carolina
and a father who was a jersey boy

i come from a family filled with love
who taught me to be who i was
the comfortable middle child
the peacemaker middle child
the tender middle child

i come from a navy family
moving from place to place
settling nowhere for very long
we were passionate italians
my zeppieri family and me
finally settling in virginia beach

i come from a place 
of marrying at nineteen
and still in love today
after all these years

i come from a place of care taking
two very sick parents and loving them
through their life journeys

i come from a place that sees me as
passionate yearning artistic private
sensitive caring and curious

i come from a place yearning for more
seeking for new and loving the person
i have become

Love to you!  Donna


  1. :) Beautiful ~ and thank you for sharing. I know this class will be exciting! Have fun with it.

  2. Donna, this is one powerful poem....What a challenge and you certainly rose to the occasion. Great job....

    I can't wait to see all that you are going to reach for this year....If this is any indication, you are going to soar......

    Hugs and blessings,

  3. Beautiful poem! I love your art...Kathy

  4. LOVE the piece you are working on! and the words you shared are so perfect.... cant wait to see what all your new inspiration from the class brings out in you.


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