Thursday, March 24, 2011

NY inspiration

I have just returned from spending four wonderful days in New York City.  Every year for over twenty years I have attended the International Vision Expo.  This is an incredible Eyewear market where all of the latest in eyeglasses frames and trends are being featured.  I found myself in color and shape overload, it was exciting and so much fun to be attending.  This is where I get to buy frames for my Optical boutique and stay ahead with the fashion and styles.  Believe me, there is a lot of art in eyewear and bright colors are definitely the new trend for this spring!
When the expo was over and the frames were purchased, the classes were taken and there was no more for me to do . . . it was time to shift into Donna the artist mode!  I had two days alone in New York before my husband came.  Independence and time with yourself is a very good thing! I was able to spend precious girlfriend time with two friends I had met at Squam last fall.  How wonderful it was to catch up with both of them.  Jennifer and Riva, you are two amazing women.  My husband came on Sunday morning, right in the hectic crowd of the NYC half marathon, happening right outside my Park Central Hotel.  I had a list of things I wanted to see and accomplish and my wonderful husband Jimmy made sure I did all of it.  Did I say wonderful???  I gave him my list of places that I wanted to go and he made sure whether by subway or taxi, we got to every destination!!  With some latte breaks at Dean and DeLuca, wonderful lunch at a Soho cafe, exploring many miles of walking, we made it to everything on my list!!  He patiently waited for me in every store and with every picture I wanted to take.   I did say wonderful hubby right?
It was a wonderful trip and I was filled with inspiration.  Here is a summary of all that I got to see! 

Cafe Europa  Lee's Art Store on 57th Ave   Rizzolli Bookstore  Laura Mercier makeover at Henri Bendel  Mary Poppins Broadway play  Times Square late at night  dinner at the Algonquin  long walk in Central Park  Metropolitan Museum  time with my other man Claude Monet  shopping on 5th Ave  famous frozen yogurt at Forty Carrots in Bloomingdales
dinner at Bobby Flay's Bar Americain  subway rides  taxi cabs  Soho shopping  Dean and DeLuca
Anthropologie  Purl Soho knitting store  Loopy Mango knit store  Dick Blick Art Supplies  The Ink Pad rubber stamp store  Empire State Building Yummy cheesecake 
and so much more!!!!!  

It was a wonderful time.  I am filled with inspiration to get into my studio.  I brought home lots of treats from unusual collage papers, to a new and fabulous paint brush, rubber stamps, French music CD for studio time and lace knitting yarn!  I loved being with like minded friends and being in a place where anything is possible!  Don't ever be intimidated by NYC and if you need a guide to show you the way, I am right here!
Donna Lee
What an incredible experience it was!


  1. oh my gosh....i am drooling! bryce has to run the nyc marathon, then i can have you and jennifer come play. and you got to see riva too. how fun.
    i am getting ready to get new glasses. i need them so badly, but dang now i want to come to your boutique and let you fit me!

  2. It sounds like a dream vacation...I've only been to NYC twice, and each time it was a one-day bus trip. I can't wait to go there and spend several days roaming the city. Thank you for sharing - it sounds like you had a fantastic time!

    ~Sherri B.

  3. Oh my Donna!! You know I love NYC! I feel lucky to live only a 45 minute drive away from the city! I was there Saturday nite at the Janet Jackson concert at Radio City. Funny to know you were there somewhere! Glad to hear you had a fabulous time! Great photos! Some of my favorite photos are those I have taken in and around NYC! :)


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