Monday, March 14, 2011

Wasting precious time

Creativity requires us to be present at all times.  To give our best to whatever is before us.  To concentrate on the piece, and allow it to come into being.  This past week has been a bit crazy for me, working a lot, having a little vein surgery on my leg, a cold that just won't go away and losing my voice on and off for over a week.  I truly believe this is my body and my world telling me to slow down, re-organize my thoughts and re-group my life just a wee bit!!!  Ever have those times?? You have to answer yes to that, because I believe we all have those moments.

I have always been one who prides myself on organization and being disciplined with my time.  Recently that just hasn't been happening and I find myself totally out of sorts.  With that feeling comes disorganization, no productive creative times and a feeling of pure yuckiness!!!  I love going into my studio, looking at everything and being inspired, yet can't bring myself to sit at my art table and actually finish anything.  Now just the week before, I wrote a blog entry about my beautiful six postcards I made for the exchange, mailed them out and was very happy about them.  Some people might say that it has only been a week since you have created anything, don't be so hard on yourself!!! I would say true!!

My thoughts have just been on not making the most out of the time I have lately.  I do work full time as an Optical Manager, so my time is not my own during the week.  I truly have to carve in time to play and be creative.  It is one of the things that centers me and calms me down, yet it is the last thing I am able to concentrate on at the end of the day!  This weekend was no different, I had all these plans, yet accomplished nothing, artistically speaking.  I watched mindless television with my husband and made Brunswick stew (now that was yummy I must say).

Monday mornings are great, that is why I always try to post on my blog on Mondays, to me it is a fresh new beginning of the week.  We now have daylight savings time, so no more driving home from work in the dark (truly depressing!).The days are beautiful and I choose to think differently.  I want to watch television less, be more productive and cherish each minute of each day.  I know that sounds a bit extreme, but I truly mean it.  As artists, we think differently, we think with dreams and a big heart.  I am so happy for my artsy girlfriends who get to devote themselves to their artwork fulltime, yahoo to them.  I have to just take another direction and use the time I have more wisely.  I can't do it all, it all doesn't have to be perfect and when my art is calling me...I want to run to it!  I have all these ideas running through my brain of what I want to create, now I need to put it into action.  I want to watch less tv, phone conversations, computer, facebook, those things do take an amazing amount of time to keep them going!!!  I am conflicted, because it is the way to keep in touch with my art girlies!

Next week I celebrate having my blog one full year . . . it has changed my life and I am so proud of it, more of that to follow!  Have a blessed week and if you have any suggestions for me, please share.  I always love hearing from you.  I know I am not alone in these feelings nor will they magically disappear!  I am living consciously that is the first step.  I am looking forward to my Big Wish Ecamp next week.   That is what  I am going to concentrate on fully and enjoy what is in store for me!! 
Donna Lee


  1. Donna Lee, you always have the words to soothe my heart and remind me that I am enough just the way I am. Did you know that in writing here about your journey, you help me in mine? Well, it's true. I so relate to so much of this. The needing to slow down (hope you're feeling better!), the need for self-compassion, the time-organization issue, and the desire to unplug and really do meaningful things. I hear you.

    Thank you for being you and shining your light and joy out into the world and into my life. I adore your sweet spirit and generous heart. You. Are. A. Treasure.

    Love you.

  2. you are a breath of fresh air girlfriend.
    sending you warm hugs.

  3. An amazingly creative, gifted writer who is a mentor for me, Madeleine L'Engle wrote these words. " God brings cosmos out of chaos."( from Walking On Water) It is an incredible affirmation of God's involvement with the "artist" in us.
    Even in our down time, our no time, our little time, HE is working in us the next project. She wrote phrases like this: " When the book begs to be written..or " Get out of the way of the book.:0) Think about it.
    The mulling over, pondering, stashing ideas, praying and then doing...All of it must have INSPIRATION!!! YEAH GOD!!!!
    Creativity will emerge---in word, color, attitude,music, blessing!!!!!!!
    Preparation is constant.
    That which is dormant is still alive--waiting.
    One day I wrote what I thought was a graphically beautiful description of a sunset sky. I labored over it and then felt so pleased -- but then I read her words, " Get out of the way." I knew it had been too important so "I got out of the way" and minimized what I was to say with choice succinct words ( self editing)--rather than over embellishing. The results had a quiet beauty for God had removed me from it. She was right on!!!!

    Yeah God!!
    Have have a Blessed day in Him!
    Love you,

  4. I am so so excited for you to be able to be a part of the Wish Camp. I have been a long time fan of Mindy and the way she encourages us creatives. Enjoy every moment! xoRobin


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