Wednesday, May 18, 2011

52 Photos Project / Week Four / Ray of Light

Capturing the light

Recently I was asked by a precious and longtime friend if I would be willing to create a collage for a silent auction.  A silent auction that would benefit a good cause.  I immediately said yes!  I believed in Leslie and if she needed this I wanted to create a piece with images and words that meant something to her.  I created the background with techniques I had recently learned in my 
It was a piece created with love and joy!

When week four had a prompt entitled Ray of Light, I knew this was the photo I wanted to use.  I took my finished 18 x 18 piece outside and allowed the morning sun to come through using my new camera.  I am learning everyday with my Canon.  I was pleased with the results!

It made me think for a moment . . . 
Ray of Light

There are so many rays of light in my life:
Inner Peace
A loving marriage
 My Art Journey
My Spiritual Walk
True Happiness
A Quiet Heart
My loving children
Smiles from strangers
The Beauty of nature
Beautiful words

I am truly blessed!


  1. Donna - YOU, yourself - are a shining ray of light. Welcome home, how was your trip? xo

  2. Donna, your list of light is fantastic. Thanks for sharing your light!

  3. Love this shot. Just gorgeous! I think it's so cool that you are shooting away and learning with your new camera.

    Donna, you are a ray of light in my life. By far you are one of the most loving, warm, kind-hearted people I've ever know. I love you dearly and am thankful to have you in my life. Now if only we could be neighbors so I could come hang out with you all the time :D

    Happy weekend!


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