Sunday, May 8, 2011

Off to Yellowstone!!!

Yellowstone here we come!

This afternoon I am leaving on vacation and I am so excited to be getting away from everyday life!
Sometimes we just need time away to refresh the soul!
So I won't be posting on my blog for a week or so and wanted to send you
blessings before I leave.

I know that I will be taking lots of photographs with my new Canon Rebel, so I got me a very good SD card that can hold lots and lots of my images.  I don't want to miss anything.  I plan on learning with my new camera all that I can learn!  There is still lots of snow and I hear the grizzly bears are just waking!
I also have my travel watercolor kit, sketch pencils and art stuff to take along with me, even have a lace scarf to knit on while relaxing at the lodges.
(I can't believe I just said that . . . I can hardly wait to sit at a lodge and chill)

So off to beautiful country I go!  Life is so full of blessings and I recognize that this trip with my hubby is definitely a blessing.  He has wanted to go there for so long and now we have been given the chance.  It has been a lifelong dream for me to go to Sundance ( I have had a crush on Robert Redford my whole adult life . . . don't worry, my husband is aware of it!!!)  So my hubby has made sure that I get to go there.  He is a wonderful man that hubby of mine!

Couldn't resist adding this picture!

My dream come true!

When we allow ourselves to have a break in life from work, phones, internet, news, blogs, facebook, twitter and anything else you can think of . . . we allow ourselves to hear that which is inside of us.  I am looking forward to hearing what Donna Lee has to say to herself!
I promise to share when I return and come back with photos, sketches and lots of artistic motivation.
I am missing my studio already, but know when I return to my artwork it will be refreshed and renewed!

Donna Lee


  1. YAY! So glad to know you are getting a break from the everyday stuff. You are such a great example of balance. Work, play, rest, nourish, and do it all again. Thanks for sharing your wisdom :)

    It sounds like you are in for a WONDERFUL time. I know you are going to enjoy every minute. Can't wait to hear all about when you return.


  2. Wishing you safe & very HAPPY travels, Donna...HOORAY! :o)

  3. yellowstone is breathtaking! well, and robert redford is! hope you had an amazing time...

  4. I cannot wait to see your photographs and hear all about your trip. xoxo


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