Wednesday, May 4, 2011

52 Photos Project / Week Two / Color

Sedona's beautiful colors

On to week two of 52 Photos Project and this week the prompt was color.  I had taken this photo when I visited beautiful Sedona, full of color and magic everywhere you turn.  I knew I loved this photo when I took it, I didn't want to forget what I had seen.  When I think of color, especially this time of year, I get excited to see all the beauty of God's nature starting to pop through and come to life.  I love all the terrific pots we plant in, they are works of art too these days!

Color affects our world in so many ways.  Nature is of course the most beautiful expression.  We wear incredible colors in our clothing, we decorate our homes, we see colors all around us through our eyes, children learn to use crayons and color early on, we paint and create with colors. My patients choose colors for their eyewear, it is a tough decision for them!  I know I tend to choose the same palette of colors and keep using those colors in my own artwork that please me the most.  I tend to do that even in my yarn choices for knitting or weaving.  Go to a museum when you get the chance and see the differences in artists mediums and color choices.  Spend time letting your spirit be filled with colors.

Color grants us inspiration, it makes us happy, it is beauty to the human eye, it is what makes us feel good and it is loving all those things that surround us in our daily lives.  Color is self expression! I am heading to Yellowstone next week, I can't even imagine all the gorgeous colors my camera is going to see!  Thanks for the reminder today Bella, this photo project causes me to ponder and think, I like that.


  1. I don't know what I would do without bright, bold, inspiring colors in my life! They get me going and make my creative soul so happy :)

    Wishing you a beautiful day, sweet Donna Lee.

    Love you!

  2. The colors, the sun light, the blooms all make me so happy! Ah ... thank you for the little slice of heaven. Have a great trip - wow!

    xo Lis

  3. There is something special about the light in Arizona, don't you think? I love your photo.

  4. Donna! What a beautiful photo.. and the way color translates into your world is just. so. inspiring. Thank YOU for playing along with us again! Enjoy your trip. xo

  5. Don't you love the silvery sage color of dianthus leaves, sage itself, and lavender foliage? And I was smiling thinking about choosing eyewear color -- my new carry-in-my-handbag reading glasses are raspberry sherbet and lilac and I feel like a wild woman every time I slip them on.

  6. VERY pretty... love how the light plays on the plants and the pots. I love plants with silvery-green foliage! At the moment I'm becoming more playful when it comes to color in my wardrobe, makeup, etc.--it's exciting! I use color a lot in my creative work, but my home and me tend toward the pastel must of the time... LOL! Have fun at Yellowstone, Donna--can't wait to see your photos. :o)

  7. love the color of sage, I have one right outside my door.. may color keep inspiring you.

  8. great post - as artists we need to gathering words to talk about the colours we use - its not easy - but you did a great job here.


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