Wednesday, June 15, 2011

52 Photos Project / Week Eight / Outside the window

My studio view

This week was a fun photo project.  I took all kinds of views from the windows of my home and I had a hard time deciding exactly which one I wanted to choose; until this one kept speaking to me.
It is a view outside my studio window . . .
First the things that are hanging inside my window
looking at me everyday
are things that give me joy
and they are significant to me,
gifts from friends
or bought by me!
I especially love my gold ornament
I purchased from my friend and artist
Stephey Baker of Marked by the Muse
It is simply radiant!
I knew exactly where I would hang it!

As I look outside my studio I see a very
large Bay Tree that I planted over
fifteen years ago!  I had tried to grow
several plants
and had terrible luck
until a patient of mine, Dr. Hubbard
brought me a tiny sprig and said to me
"Donna, you won't have trouble growing mine!"
He was right!  Every time I look out that
window,  I remember him.
 The tree is hearty, beautiful and still growing.
Just how I want my life to be!

This window has a special place

in my heart because
 my studio used to be the bedroom of my two
wonderful and amazing boys.
I made it MY room when they were grown
(all mommies want a room of their own)

so my creative space is filled with precious energy.
I even remember those wonderful Christmas Eve nights
when we would look out that window for Santa Claus!
Time passes so quickly
especially as I post today, June 15th
My baby boy Drew's 28th birthday!!

So yes this window has quite significance to me
and the view from here is truly blessed!

Donna Lee


  1. great shot. love your story about the tree.

  2. What sweet memories this pictures represents.........Happy Birthday to your son.....amazing how fast they grow up, isn't it?

    Have a great day....

  3. Beautiful memories through a window view.
    The first feeling I had when I saw your picture was warmth and coziness.
    Love from Eva

  4. love the view and the the window art

  5. you had a nice story, its meaningful. i like your Window Art too, nice view..


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