Monday, June 13, 2011

Letting go and moving forward

My weaving loom and friend of 25 years!

Last weekend I let go of my largest weaving loom! I had committed to sell her in December to a very precious and longtime friend.  The only stipulation was that I needed to hold it for a little while because they were building an addition to their house and didn't know where to store it.  That was fine with me and then the time came for my friend Leslie and her husband to come and take the loom to her new home!  Leslie and I share a love of fibers in knitting, especially socks, Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival and now she has wanted to begin her own journey in weaving!  I am so excited for her and my weaving had taken a turn to slowing down.  I knew I no longer needed two looms since I wasn't doing production weaving anymore.  I knew it was perfect timing in my life to let the loom go, and what comfort it is to know your precious weaving tool was going to a new home where she would be loved and not be sitting still anymore.  In my mind and heart I knew it was a good thing and I was ready to let go;  what I wasn't ready for was the emotions of letting go that came along with it!  This has been an interesting process for me this past week and I thought it would be a good post to write about.  

Transition and transformation, letting go of one thing and making room for something else isn't an easy thing to do!  I was reminded of that this week while having breakfast with a friend of mind.  She was right, I was letting go of a part of myself, a way of life I identified with for so long and I am making room for a new journey in my life.  Letting go is a hard thing to do, in my case, thinking of myself as just a fiber artist.  I have become so much more than that.  My artistic life has deepened into different avenues and I am even happier!  I have enjoyed the process of exploring new artistic adventures.  I am in love with collage work!!
My smaller loom that remains
There will always be threads in my life!
I had to think about all this for awhile and I came up with this.  I have not been weaving as actively for quite awhile now.  In fact I would pass the room by and see an empty loom sitting there, it seemed such a waste to me.  I have been drawn to my painting and collage work more.  It is what excites me when I go into my studio; it is what I want to create when I am there.  I will still have my small loom to create when I want to, of course, I couldn't completely give up something after all this time!  I have my spinning wheel when I want to spin for socks (which too needs to be used again!) and then there is my art table . . . full of brushes, paints, stencils, canvases, tools, glitter and inspiration, calling to me.

How lucky I am to have a room of my own, filled with all the creative toys that I have.  When I enter, who knows what I will create.  I know that I am in love with collage work, and I am now developing my own style.  It has been a combination of learning techniques from so many wonderful teachers.  I have learned to take a little of this and a little of that, put it together and use it for my own art work.  That is why they call it individuality!  So I leave you with my latest creation . . . Imagine.  It was quite a freeing experience to create this one for the fun of it after creating twelve pieces for the store that is selling my work.  It was inspired by Beth Nichols of Do What you Love for Life . . . I ask you today . . . What are you imagining for yourself today?
Imagine ... Doing what you love


  1. I love the title of this post. It spoke to me before I even read the body of the post! Letting go and moving forward is such an important part of life. It keeps us healthy. I'm proud of you for letting go, Donna. I know it wasn't easy.

    I really enjoy your recent collage work. I see your style coming out and boy do I love it!

    Thank you for sharing. For today, I am imagining rest, relaxation and nurturing myself, along with nurturing my kids :)

    Hope you have a great day. Love you!

  2. Hi Donna! I love this latest piece! I am enjoying seeing your collage work grow! Thanks for sharing such an inspiring post!

    I also checked out that link for Beth Nichols! Looks great! I will have to spend some time over there!


  3. You are a gal after my own heart......It's so hard to let go of past loves but exciting to grab hold of the new ones coming our way.........You are so very talented as you seem to master whatever you touch......Sometimes it's hard to choose what one will create today but you are right following your heart and what makes you happy...For out of the heart flows the "real" you and your beautiful work reflects the beauty in you.......

    I too sit and watch my spinning wheel and loom sit idle while I flit to a new art form but I always come back around.....It seem I make a circle with my art choices....

    Hugs and blessings,

  4. gorgeous new work and love that meaning and story behind it all! that loom is so gorgeous as an object of art...i can see how it would be so hard to part with it just based on that!

    best wishes!

  5. Dearest Donna, this post speaks volumes to me today... I'm one the verge of walking away from my computer for the next two months...letting go in a different way, so I can hear clearly again. Thank-you for sharing this very important post on the transitions that help us to grow, move forward and become.

    Love you, Danielle xo

  6. wow donna, i so get this! we sold our home of 15 years, moved a week ago, and i was so sad when we left! i'm much better now, but i really had a hard time for a few days! i am moving forward, as you say...
    what i am imagining for myself is art, art, art! i retire from my day job on 6/30, have a great art room in the new house, and i am getting the creative juices flowing!

  7. Love your cover here and I guess we can go hand in hand into our art adventure. I was thinking surely there are some other artists like I am out there. Hugs and have agreat adventure .


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