Monday, June 6, 2011

My Thimble List!

My Thimble List in life
I know we have all heard of the "Bucket List", I have seen the movie and yes made my very own private bucket list of things I hope to accomplish in my life. Sometimes those goals and dreams are hard to attain, yet we keep moving toward them.  I know for me, sincerely, getting to Sundance in Utah was on mine, and I did make that happen recently, as you know.  There is a deep sense of satisfaction within when we actually do what we say we are going to do!  

I have been following Jennifer Louden as long as I can remember, she is the author of so many books and she inspires us all.  I love her inspirational website and emails.  Just this weekend, I was trying to decide what my topic for my blog would be and I was struggling.  I always ponder the subject during the week, write my blog on the weekend, when I have the time to devote to it, re-read it Sunday night and I always try to post on Monday mornings, that routine works for me!  I have grown a lot since beginning my blog last year, and I find that the words flow more freely when I have a routine in there somewhere!

Out of nowhere comes this wonderful email from Jennifer talking about her "Thimble List" and the more I read it, the more I knew I had my topic for my blog this week.  What an incredible idea she had, creating a list of those very small ways to savor life!  Here is a small description from her article, if you get the chance please visit her site and read the whole article!  

"I define savoring as mindfulness + gratitude = touching your essential goodness"
"If the bucket list is life writ large, then the thimble list is life writ intimate"

So here is my thimble list:

The sound of birds singing in my backyard
Having a private tea party
Time spent in devotions
Painting in my studio
Buying Fresh flowers for me
Time with my yoga practice
Watching my kids live their lives
Starting a brand new book
A kiss from my husband
Lunching with a girlfriend
Knitting needles in my hand

I don't want to make my list very long, that is why we savor those very special things. I am sure I could go on and on with the things I want to savor in this lifetime.   I hope that you will think about it and come up with your very own thimble list!  I cherish you and I cherish the friendship that we share together.  Life is so beautiful and it is truly a gift every day we wake up! Always make it special!

Savoring beauty in nature!

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  1. you are the best. i love this idea! this is perfect.
    so my next post is my thimble list....well part of it.

    good morning sunshine.


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