Wednesday, June 8, 2011

52 Photos Project / Week Seven / A Heart

Come have fun with us!
You will grow as a photographer

This weeks prompt was a heart
I immediately thought of the heart I made while in Wyoming
the sun was shining, we were watching the moose resting.
I gathered the rocks
I picked the wild flowers
it was a truly beautiful day.
I had an alter moment and
the thoughts I had then 
were thinking of things my heart loved.
So I thought of what my heart belonged to!

My heart belongs to:
my husband of 33 years
my precious family
my artwork
my God
my friends
my own true self
my writing

The heart is such a beautiful thing
it represents so many things in so many different ways
I ask you
Where does your heart lie?

Sending you my heart!


  1. what a lovely 'heartwarming' post

  2. beautiful post. love the wildflowers and rocks.

  3. What a beautiful memory your heart holds.

  4. Donna - this is so beautiful. Your words, your photo, and where your heart lies.. Love it!! xo

  5. Fabulous post. I love the idea of creating a heart of rocks.

  6. What a great idea for a fairy circle ... in the shape of a heart!

    thank you for sharing the beauty of your heart ♥

    xo Lis

  7. this is fantastic! My heart lies with you in found Nature!

  8. Your heart is reflected in all you do......It's a heart full of love that blesses others........Love your post....

  9. I really like the way you used nature to create such a beautiful image. I love the warmth in this post :)


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