Wednesday, August 17, 2011

52 Photos Project / Week Seventeen / Black and White

Oh how I love Sheep!

I captured this shot while at Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival
an incredible sheep and yarn fiber festival held the first weekend in May
every year.
I have been attending for over fifteen years
and it is an incredible experience.

Every year it gets better and better
and more and more people are attending.
You spend two days going through booth after booth, 
buying hand-dyed fibers and yarns, knitting and weaving goodies.
You go through barn after barn, seeing all the different sheep that
have come to market.
I came across these two adorable sheep and
I wanted to capture them together
and I did in black and white!  

I am always playing with my camera.
So I thought it would be perfect for the photo prompt this week.

Sheep are loving, gentle, quiet, precious and oh so adorable.
I  have loved them as long as I can remember. 

I know that is why I have always enjoyed my weaving and knitting.
Hope you enjoy my photo!

Decided to add this shot my sister took of me that same weekend.

Look at those curly locks!
See I told you I loved sheep!


  1. i've never been to the maryland festival but i went to rhinebeck for the first time last year. taking photos of the animals was almost as much fun as buying the gorgeous yarns!

  2. lovely lovely picture! ... and blog! i`ll be visiting : )

  3. Wonderful photos ~ love them both ~ especially like you kissing the sheep ~ thanks ~ namaste, Carol

    visiting from 52 Photos Project ~ mine is A Creative Harbor

  4. Lol- we did think alike!! Your sheep are so cute and clean - I love it!

  5. Sweet! The first is so comforting but I love the 2nd of you giving the sheep a little loving! xo

  6. OH, you're so right about sheep! They're gentle animals, not to mention cute and cottony. :)
    I love them (animals in general). These pics you captured are just too adorable. The black & white pic is lovely beyond words. And the one with the sheep kissing you is just as great. Thanks for sharing these wonderful pics.

  7. these 2 are cute and the shot is great!

  8. I love that shot of you kissing the sheep; it's so precious....and the black and white....I like you love sheep. In fact, I collect them and I am always having a friend give me an unusual or one I haven't seen before. I have planned to go to the Sheep Festival in Marilyn since forever but I have not made it yet.... I hope to soon.....

    I always enjoy my visits with you.....

  9. Donna, I love your black and white picture of the sheep...but the one of you kissing the sheep is precious.....

    I collect sheep so I know how you feel about them.....I plan every year to go to the Marilyn Sheep Festival but haven't gotten there yet. Maybe next year....

    Have a great weekend...

  10. I was thinking exactly what Bella said! Love this.


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