Monday, August 15, 2011

Joy in Knitting

color color everywhere!

I have been a knitter since I was a little girl . . . truly a little girl!
When I was in the fourth grade, I used to visit two little old ladies and be their
companion in the afternoons, to help my mom who was the assistant manager of a very large apartment complex when we lived in Annapolis, Maryland.
I still remember those two precious ladies!  I think that is why I have a fondness today for little precious older ladies, they have so much to offer us!
They gave me a set of aluminum knitting needles and a skein of bright colored yarn and taught me the basics of knitting and purling . . .
what a treasure that was and I didn't even know it as a little girl.
I know I have spoken of this in the past, but it
has always stayed with me.

the joy and pleasure of the needles!

Today I am still knitting, not as often as I would like to, but still knitting.
I was reminded of that this morning while outside on my back deck.
Me, my coffee, the birds flying around and just my knitting.
The rhythm of the needles is so relaxing
and I find myself in a gentle mood.
I have been working on a pair of baby booties for my co-worker
who is due to have her little girl very soon.

As busy as my life gets with all the things I have to do
somewhere you will find a small knitting project somewhere close by.
I never want to forget my roots . . . seems strange to say that
but it is true.
I think about my blog title and how I came up with it
Gentle Threads
knitting and weaving have always been a part of me
and now I am expanding into other art forms.
I will always be drawn back to fibers.
How lucky for me I get to experience all of the art forms I want to.

saw this sign outside a knit shop in Jackson, Wyoming!

So as I have knitted these booties for Addison's precious little feet
I have thought about the little life that will wear these,
how quickly she will outgrow them,
that her little feet will grow and grow into big girl feet

and it is okay
knitting is more than the piece you are creating.
It is about the gentle rhythm of the needles,
the quiet process,
the relaxation and calmness
it brings.
Just being present where you are.
Slowing down enough to create
something beautiful 
for someone you love!
Knitting anyone????


  1. Oh girlfriend, you are so right......I may venture into other things but I always have something on my needles........There are times and places that one can knit when you can't do anything in a car, watching TV., etc.

    I love the booties you have knitted for your friend....What a precious and thoughtful gift for her new baby.....and a keep sake to boot...

    I love the way you write. I always come away feeling calm and happy after a visit with you. You are so precious and it comes through your words..

    I hope you have a wonderful week...

  2. I never could get the hang of those knitting needles! lol But I do crochet from time to time. My grandma taught me to crochet when I was little and it has stayed with me ever since.

    Beautiful post :)


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