Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Having Creative Courage

Courageous:  bold, bravery, daring, fearless, spirit, unafraid and valor

I have been working on an e-course that I wanted to share with you,
It has changed my entire perspective on Creativity
and Stephanie is such a love!

I entitled my blog entry today "HAVING CREATIVE COURAGE"
because I truly believe that we all are creative in so many ways,
but it does take courage to live creatively and artistically.
Sometimes it is not understood or appreciated by others.
Courage is an interesting word and that was why I related to this course so well.
I have considered myself an "Artist" for quite some time now,
but having the courage to actually call myself that to others,
was a whole nother thing!

I had been following Stephanie's blog and her Etsy shop for quite sometime, 
there was something so gentle and caring about her.
Her illustrations and artwork are amazing,
her written word was speaking right to my heart even more.
When she introduced her E-course, I was really excited about it,
and it was coming at a perfect time for me!

I try to enroll in different e-courses, to learn from so many
wonderful creatives as I can.  
I am like a sponge, just soaking up all the creative ideas and energy!
 The Internet makes learning and sharing so easy nowadays!
We don't always have the resources or the time to travel all over
attending wonderful art retreats.
The invention or creation (excuse the pun)
of e-courses was brilliant.  They are popping up all over, 
it is hard to pick and choose which one to take.
I love attending class with coffee in one hand,
and staying in the comfort of my jammies,
 all in the privacy of my own home,
 on my own schedule and with no make up!
All the while I am part of a community with my fellow class members,
sharing ideas, encouraging one another and developing new friendships!
It is truly an awesome way to learn.

Stephanie has taught us in so many ways with videos on Monday mornings,
everyday a post that inspires a way to live more creatively,
there has been exercises to work on,
interviews with fellow creatives,
I received a postcard from Stephanie (sent all the way from Venice),
smiles, ideas, creative projects, inspiring thoughts and conversations,
 our own private facebook group,
what a wonderful learning experience it has been!
I don't look forward to it ending soon.
It has been my early morning ritual for the past
seven weeks.
Thank you Stephanie, for leading by example.
For inspiring and sharing so much of your knowledge with us,
for encouraging the inner artist (the fellow creative inside all of us)
to come out and play, 
to have confidence in ourselves and in the artwork we are producing.
You truly did inspire courage for me to step forward even more.
I recommend this course over and over again,
and can't shout it's praises enough!
She is starting another one in the new year, don't miss it.

I leave you with one of my favorite exercises from the course!
Stephanie gave us a list of questions to ponder on
 and gave us the freedom to add any more that came to us   . . . here is my list :

I believe that I can . . .
I have the courage to . . .
I welcome . . .
I celebrate  . . .
I listen to . . .
I am grateful for . . .
I wish that . . .
I know without a doubt . . .
I love myself because . . .
I create because . . .
I hear deep within . . .
I am happy because . . .

Creatively and Courageously Yours!
Donna Lee


  1. Donna! Gosh what a tour-de-force your blog is!
    A great piece on the CC course. I'll be back!


    p.s. Nice to see your lovely smile first thing!

  2. Lovely post said it all so well! :)

    Cheers , Helen

  3. You found beautiful words for a truly great workshop, thank you!

  4. I agree with every word you wrote! I am so happy i got to take this course and meet other wonderful creative womenlike YOU! :) xokp

  5. Oh my goodness Donna, I am so honored and I am delighted that you have enjoyed the course. It has been a wonderful, life changing experience for me too, and I'm so happy that you have been a part of these amazing group of creative, courageous women! Your positive comments have been a true light and source of enthusiasm for me, and I appreciate you so much! It has been just lovely getting to know you all better - and I'm actually sad that the first course is coming to an end this week. However, I do look forward to the future sessions coming up in 2012, and I want you to know you are always so welcome to join us!! Sending big hugs from Munich!
    xoxo Stephanie

  6. Beautifully said Donna, I agree with every word. Lovely blog too :-)

  7. Well said Donna, the course has been and continues to be very uplifting and encouraging for me as well.

  8. Oh Donna! There is so much positive energy here! I'm so glad you found me!! :)

    And I'll be sure to check out Stephanie's blog too, xo!

    ♥ Janell


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