Monday, November 14, 2011

Being creative with my pomegranates!

It begins in early spring
with the most beautiful blossoms all over the tree!
During the summer, the fruit slowly begins to grow
and the blossoms fade away
 The fruits become a beautiful red
and keep growing and growing
When they are finally ready in the fall to eat
There are the most beautiful seeds inside. 
They are full of antioxidants and delicious
in so many things!
Lots of yumminess for me to snack on!
My favorite is mixed in with vanilla greek yogurt!
The juice stains everything and can make quite a mess.
Then it hit me . . . wouldn't it make a nice watercolor?
So I tried it . . . .
I loved the beautiful color it produced on 
the watercolor paper.  
So I decided to create a mixed media little piece!
The mountain sky is pomegranate pink.
I then started adding my collage papers and stuff
I had seen this demo in the recent
Cloth Paper and Scissors issue this month
and of course, made it my own!
Here is my finished piece!

And to think it all began this spring,
with my little pomegranate tree!
I love to look at everything as a creative experience,
a time to explore something new
and see what I can come up with!
I would love for you to share with me
what you have been working on lately!

Have a blessed and most creative week!


  1. Beautiful and creative and just wonderful! The photos, the thought process and the art! Love loveit! Xokp

  2. that is so cool, Donna!! I love it :) Happy Monday. Have a great week!

  3. Oh this is great I just got one a few weeks ago it has been making lovely flowers which amaze me then they fall off. Two have finally decided to stay and swell. I hope they make it. I dont know if I will beable to spare a drop to paint with ! Here is the link to my album with mine in.
    If you dont like it here it is ok to delete it.
    How long do they take before you can pick them ?
    I really love your post.

  4. That's amazing Donna- what a lovely colour it produces! Amazing also that you can grow pomegranates! - i'm from the UK where the weather would be too chilly. Thank you for sharing that wonderful process.

  5. perfection! i love the way you think.

  6. What a gorgeous color those pomegranates produce! Looks lovely on paper, wonder if I can make/find a glaze for clay that's similar.... I love when people find inspiration in the everyday. Loved your post.

  7. Dear sweet Donna,

    You are one creative chica! Brave in your creativity and your heart. Thank-you so much for your support last week. Your loving words gave me strength during such a difficult time. Your kindness is as bright as the sun. I totally adore your beautiful heart. And I am deeply grateful that you are in my life. xox


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