Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Love in my Heart

This piece was inspired by so many wonderful teachers!

This piece was created for my HeART exchange with Louise Gale!

I recently purchased a new size
canvas board
8 x 16
from my local Jerry's Artarama
and wanted to create a piece
that was inspired by so many teachers.
I wanted to use techniques that
I had learned in workshops,
through books, Somerset Studio, blogs and e-courses.
I had a blast with this one!
I started by collaging papers onto the board,
I stamped, stenciled and added "stuff"
all over the papers.
I scraped paint colors of
titanium white and cobalt turquoise
thank you Mindy Lacefield
for inspiring me at Serendipity!
I then cut out a heart of antique ledger paper
in the shape of a heart,
punched hearts and gave it wings,
I then added some words that
I wanted to say . . .
"Remember to listen to your heart and dance gently"
I am so happy with the results!
I then took a photo with my Instagram
using my new Iphone and added a few effects with the photo
and I love what you see here!
So I wanted to share it with you!

To my readers . . .
you have my heart,
you have my love,
I thank you for your support,
your wonderful words of encouragement
and for giving me the motivation to keep sharing.

Love YOU!
donna lee


  1. I love it Donna! I love the piece but also everything you did , including the way you photographed it. Also everything you said and how you took time to thank everyone ...very sweet and special! I am also jealous that you live close to Jerrys Artarama!! :)

  2. I love it. I am going to look up the classes you mentioned. I, too, have found love with the online communities out there, and workshops... that is how I found you.Mine started with Christy Tomlinson.

  3. HI Donna, love these pieces!! As you know I am a big fan of hearts! I have taken so many online classes and there is so much to learn from so many generous souls! xo

  4. Donna Wynn you are just full of surprises!
    -Bob Gregory-


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